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  1. Thanks for the reply. Honestly - I don't want to pay the debt to them. Only for the reason that each penny they collect the stronger they potentially are. I have a number of ideas and routes I want to follow first of all. As for any default notice it would have been sent to the old address and therefore I have not had the opportunity to pay it - Complaint to the FOS? Any court judgement entered by default would be easily set a side as any company applying for a CCJ must do a due and diligent search under the Credit Consumer Act and as I have never given that address to them. I
  2. Hi all, My First post. I was recently been very successful in getting a default notice from a welcome finance debt which was being chased by a dca called Compello. The debt was statute barred! My attention has now turned to Motor Mile Finance (MMF). I'm not one bit concerned about their threats of agents coming to the door etc, the debt is for £140!!! Payday loan from the Loan Store. What I am concerned about is the effect on my credit file. Firstly the debt is about a year old and they have registered the default a couple of months after. However they have regi
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