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  1. hmm.. it says will arrange a time, will commence with court action, will commence with action against you. So you think I should ignore?
  2. Thanks for the reply - no - it's not on my credit report - but I am worried it will be - I saw they have done a search on me and last letter says I have 10 days before they "take action" - "court action" When I spoke to Three - they said they may well have the phone but because it wasn't received within 10 days this is why it has happened .. their terms apparently, and they can't / won't check to see if they have actually received the phone because of the 10 day thing - they don't have to... zzzz
  3. Advice please. I would be very grateful for any advice helping me to rectify this situation favourably, I don't have much experience of this kind of situation.. I recently checked my credit report for the first time in a long time as I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and found that The Student Loans Company had put a default on my account. I was unaware this had happened. I made a complaint via Experian - they came back with the message that SLC felt it was justified - apparently it happened after I last moved house and there was a period when letters didn't reach their desti
  4. And that is what I presume a step they will take next - although weirdly they have said they will send an agent for a face-to-face visit to discuss - no thanks! Or proceed with court action.
  5. no it's not on my credit report - but i see they have made an enquiry some months ago
  6. Help and advice please Lowell Financial contacted me some months ago regargding what they insist is an outstanding debt I have with mobile phone people Three. I had a contract with Three - over 3 years ago which they agreed to terminate due to proven bad signal/ reception. They sent a shiny envelope for me to return the handset - which I did. However they are refuting that they have received the handset and have passed the debt totalling £233 to Lowells who are now - very persistently chasing me for it. It's not a huge sum of money ( but I happen to be feeling the
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