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  1. I've been stung with this too. I wrote to Littlewoods today, along the lines suggested by mcuth and installspark (thanks guys). I also copied the letter to Kent Trading Standards office. Fingers crossed the charges will be cancelled. Good luck everyone!
  2. Richard, I'm very sorry you've come up against this. I can't go into detail, but I suggest you refer Lester Aldridge to my letter to them of 5th February, in which I said (among other things): "I have reached a stage in this case where the continuing proceedings have started to have an adverse effect on my health. " Hopefully that will be enough to stop them flannelling any more. Good luck.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'm afraid I'm stuck with this, because if I don't sign the consent order I think Paragon's solicitors will apply to have the case struck out anyway. I've now received the amended version of the order and it says: "By consent it is ordered that- 1. The claim be and is hereby struck out as revealing no realistic prospect of success. 2. There will be no Order as to Costs with each party bearing their own incurred to date. 3. The parties accept such strike-out of the Claimants claim in full and final settlement of each and every cause of action howsoe
  4. Paragon wanted to use my case as an example because it was the "most typical," so they offered me no costs up to the end of the first instance hearing. That's why they're especially ****ed off that I have to drop it; they wanted it to go to court. I don't think anyone else has been offered no costs; I know KJBoutcher wasn't. The judge stayed his action to avoid him running up costs, though his case is rather different to mine (he has a document naming the charge as a penalty). I don't really know what to do now. I'm too ill to carry on, but I don't want to mess things up for everyone els
  5. That's what I was asking. I wanted to know whether I'd be messing up anyone else's claim by signing the order. Zoot says not, so I'm going to do it.
  6. Thank you Zoot, I was really hoping that would be the answer! I shall do as you suggest
  7. Thanks, Gizmo. I know that KJBoutcher and Susanmom are also claiming from Paragon. There are at least two others, as I was told there are four claims on stay waiting the outcome of mine.
  8. Oh, and when this is all sorted out, I am seriously contemplating sending my file to the Law Society and making a complaint against Lester Aldridge. They've sent me several really nasty letters, one of which was substantially incorrect as to the facts (they realised that and apologised later, but it doesn't change the tone of their original correspondence), and I don't want them to be allowed to get away with it. The solicitor who turned up at the allocation hearing was actually OK, and I don't think he was the one who was writing the letters, but before the judge he did emphasise the du
  9. Many thanks everyone for your support. You'll never guess what Paragon's solicitors are up to now. They're trying to pressure me into amending the consent order to say that the claim should be struck out as revealing no realistic prospect of success. If I don't sign it, they say they'll seek costs from me. I don't give a stuff about their silly point-scoring, but if I sign a consent order on that basis ,will I mess things up for other claimants? I would have thought not, but I'd like to check. The order they've sent me actually makes no sense, because they haven't typed or pro
  10. I'm really sorry about this, but ill health is forcing me to give up my case. I'm just not well enough to go on with representing myself, and I can't afford a solicitor, so I have written to ask whether Paragon will agree to my withdrawing without any costs (I think they should, as it was agreed at the allocation hearing that they wouldn't pursue costs against me up to the end of the first instance hearing). Thank you everyone for all your help, and good luck to those going on. I firmly believe that someone will win this argument once we've worked out all the hoops to jump through; and I
  11. Thanks, Zoot. I'm not going to take a final decision whether to go on until I've got everything together for the bundle, but I shall definitely go that far
  12. Thank you Zoot. Bearing in mind that I have a no costs order against me for the next hearing, do you think it's worth my carrying on? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mortgage-companies/17607-ladymoonray-paragon-personal-finance.html I don't want to waste my/the court/paragon's time, but this might be a chance to get a decision in our favour. I have until a week tomorrow to get the bundle in, if I'm going ahead.
  13. Willowb, I'm afraid so. The Civil Procedure Rules set out a list of factors the judge must take into account when allocating the case to a track, and the amount of the claim is only one of them. Where the interests of other parties etc. come into it, as with a test-type case, that can be outweighed.
  14. Thank you very much. I didn't manage to contact the court today, so I'm not sure what's happening, but once I work it out I'll be in touch
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