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  1. I can't beleive this company is still [causing problems] people and they haven't been shut down by the authorities yet Have reported them to Trading Standards and ActionFraud.
  2. Note to self - Don't just click through a comparison site and go with the highest paying mobile recyling company. Foolishly sent my phone off to them over 2 weeks ago now. Their website just says they have sent my return pack, no communication from them, no money, and no response to the only way you seem to be able to contact them (through their website) Well and truely had I guess
  3. Oh my! It sounds like the system has fallen apart over the past few years? Was it maybe the migration of all other sickness benefits to ESA that has caused the problems?
  4. Indeed. No reminder or prepaid envelope this period.
  5. I was just wondering how many weeks after an ESA claim starts ATOS generally call you for a medical these days? I'm sure when I claimed it a few years ago I was called in on week 12, they made their decision in week 13 and then I was put into a group in week 14 but I think this time around I'm heading towards week 13 and neither ATOS or DWP have contacted me (other than DWP sending me a letter last month to remind me my Fit Note was about to expire so to send another)
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