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  1. Thanks Andy' I wasn't aware of that. So the court will send me the general order stating how much to pay pcm or one lump sum? Then I use N245 to say can I pay x amount pcm. Cheers WK
  2. Many thanks for reply Dx No mention on payments guess I will have to contact IND LTD an make some kind of monthly offer? Waiting on response from Direct group ref other insurance;s added to account,then I will be able to forward these to FSCS. Never dealt with IND ref payments are they flexible or quite stern. Cheers WK
  3. Good morning. Well was in court yesterday with WFSL. Judgement went in favour of the claimant. The claimant set out there reasons for bringing the claim against me. I was then allowed to speak I pointed out to the judge the paperwork in regards to the charge for Mech Breakdown insurance paperwork which, clearly states NOT APPLICABLE he acknowledged that and asked WFSL to explain his eplanation was flimsy at best typing error /mistake etc etc. Judge then looked at statement of price he commented that I had signed the agreement that clearly states I will pay x amo
  4. Thanks Dx. Mech breakdown in total worth £628.00. Could you poss help with post 63 as well please regarding court interest. Cheers WK
  5. Morning. Help/assistance ref my last post please. Many thanks WK
  6. Quick update not sure if I have mentioned this although I have looked through thread. When I received my SAR from welcome finance after checking countless times I came across some paper work they had enclosed. This relates to Mechanical Breakdown Recovery underneath this it states in bold type Not applicable however I have been charged £503.00 incl of interest. I have included this in my witness statement to the court and a copy to IND. Is this likely to render the agreement unenforceable?. Getting rather anxious as date is looming. Many thanks
  7. Update on post. Evening. Welcome finance via the FSCS have settled my claim for mii-sold ppi it has been deducted from the balance they are claiming at court and have notified them. However what they have not done is recalculated interest under section 69 of the county court act. Surely they are obliged to to do this as they have admitted miss-selling. Also the FSCS have sent me more paper work in order to claim all other rubbish stuck on account at conception after I sent letter of complaint to welcome head office
  8. Morning Update on thread. After sending letter of complaint to welcome finance ref additional insurance policies added to a car loan. Received letter back from welcome stating welcome in default etc etc negotions on going with FSCS to allow customers to claim back these premiums in the near future. Also received a witness statement from IND ltd from an external account manager with documents/evidence they intend to rely on in court. something I have noticed on this gap insurance is listed on credit agreement however on the breakdown of charges for insurances it is listed
  9. Hi Dx. Is there some kind of spread sheet on site that I can use for working out interest on gap insurance etc,as I'm not much good at the maths thing. Thanks in advance. Wk
  10. It would indeed. Also pretty sure they would have to refund the interest added as per the county court act allows in my case i think its £800+. Will get on it this afternoon Thanks DX WK
  11. Excellent. How long do they have/do i give them before they need to reply. Secondly as this is subject to court action does it make any difference to my complaint. Many thanks WK
  12. Good morning. Update so far. Have a court date of 24th March,i have also asked for the free mediation service which has not happened as of yet. Welcome finance via the FSCS have awarded me my ppi claim against welcome this will come of the balance they are claiming at court. Regarding the Gap insurance shortfall collision call emergency recovery and mechanicial breakdown insurance that was front loaded who do I complain to welcome finance or welcome via the FSCS. Reason why I ask is I have spoken to the FSCS and they are saying two different things I am on a l
  13. Good afternoon. Received letter from Northampton bulk centre stating case has been transferred to my local court. Prior to this they sent an allocation questionnaire to myself stating it must be returned no later than the 6th of December,which is was Iit stated that a copy must be sent to all parties concerned.which it was. Howver unsure if welcome have to send me one if so I have not received it,can anybody shed any light on this please. Thanks WK
  14. Hi Took out a car loan with British credit trust in 2007,this was arranged by Net cars ltd(formerly net vehicles solutions ltd. The vehicle loan is now paid in full since 2011. At beginning of 2013 I instructed a ppi claim company to deal with(Don't do it) I called them several days ago and got a letter in post saying they are unable to continue my claim as the FSCS have stated that Net cars ltd were no regulated at the point of sale. Any ideas where I go from here,will I still be able to make any time of claim. Thanks in advance. WK
  15. Welcome finance have removed my default as well. I did read somewhere that due to complaints ref false reporting they took decision to have all defaults from cra removed. WK
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