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  1. Thanks for the advice ; ..matters have now moved on, but I wouldn't say progressed ; re. P to P ; they have sent me an e-mail reply ignoring all my requests, and once again demanding my bank account details, stating that '...we do not participate in standing orders' what's my next step ? do I persevere in requesting their bank details, or should I try to take the matter further - I do want to start making re-payments on my account. With regard to Wonga, they have also ignored all my communications. They have sent me another letter demanding that I phone them to sort things out, stating that they will keep adding on daily interest until I do so. Also, in my initial letter/e-mail to Wonga, I gave clear instructions not to contact me by telephone, but only by e-mail or paper post. Well, they've definitely discovered my phone numbers now ; this week, I'm being bombarded by up to 5 phone calls a day from them - are they allowed to do this ? what's my next step with Wonga ? I have already set up a standing order with them, and made my first monthly re-payment of 30.00 on 02/09/13 ; they seem to be ignoring this fact, and will not stop adding charges on to the account ; ..now that I know that they have my phone number, should I just phone them and try to clarify matters, or should I persevere with my regular payments, in the hope that they will eventually accept them, and stop charging more interest ; I'm tending towards the former option, as the interest charges are killing me ; Once again, I would be grateful for any advice... (the number Wonga have given me is 0207 138 8331 - will I have to pay for the call ?)
  2. I have 2 outstanding PDL debts ; one with Wonga, one with PTP ; (total debt c.£2000.00) I have cancelled CPA's with my bank, sent both companies an income/expenditure form, and in the case of Wonga, have set up a monthly repayment of £30.00 to start repaying my debt. PTP state that ' we do not participate in standing orders' However, both companies are completely ignoring my communications, including my appeal for all interest charges to be frozen ; Both companies are demanding that I phone them to discuss the matter, and provide my bank details. Also, both companies have stated that they'll continue to try and withdraw money from my account, despite acknowledging the CPA agreement with my bank. One Wonga e-mail dated 24/08/13 states 'we have now cancelled your CPA as requested and have removed all debit cards from your account' A further letter on 06/09/13 states ' you should also be aware that we'll be making further attempts to collect the money you owe from your debit card' I would like some advice on the following matters ; - what further action can I take to try and get the interst charges frozen - how can I pay PTP ; would it be OK to send a monthly cheque ? - are they allowed to continue to plunder my bank account, knowing that there's no money in it, and knowing that I have an agreement with the bank to stop all CPA's all advice will be gratefully accepted...
  3. I am asking for advice regarding my situation, which I accept are entirely my own doing ; a couple of years ago, I set up a DMP to repay my debts, and all is going fine with the repayments ; unfortunately, within the last 2 years, I have succumbed to the temptation of 3 separate pay day loans, mainly due to a change in employment resulting in a decrease in wages ; I took the loans out with the intention of repaying each in full, but circumstances have dictated that I've now reached a position where my next re-payment exceeds my take home pay ! naturally, I need to do something about my position ; the next payments are due on or around 27/08/13 ; my intentions are ; - to inform my bank to stop taking CPA payments to the loan companies (by phone, e-mail and letter) - inform each payday company of the situation (by phone, e-mail and letter) requesting them to stop charging me any further interests on the amount's due, and offering a monthly re-payment (based on an income/expenditure calculation) resulting eventually in the full re-payment of all loans ; I would be grateful for advice from anyone who has experience of such situations ; I am aware that payday loan companies are notorious for their lack of co-operation in such matters, but I believe that I have reached the point of no return ; for the record, the companies involved are Wonga, Pounds to Pocket, and quid.co.uk
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