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  1. Thanks for the advice ; ..matters have now moved on, but I wouldn't say progressed ; re. P to P ; they have sent me an e-mail reply ignoring all my requests, and once again demanding my bank account details, stating that '...we do not participate in standing orders' what's my next step ? do I persevere in requesting their bank details, or should I try to take the matter further - I do want to start making re-payments on my account. With regard to Wonga, they have also ignored all my communications. They have sent me another letter demanding that I phone them to sort thi
  2. I have 2 outstanding PDL debts ; one with Wonga, one with PTP ; (total debt c.£2000.00) I have cancelled CPA's with my bank, sent both companies an income/expenditure form, and in the case of Wonga, have set up a monthly repayment of £30.00 to start repaying my debt. PTP state that ' we do not participate in standing orders' However, both companies are completely ignoring my communications, including my appeal for all interest charges to be frozen ; Both companies are demanding that I phone them to discuss the matter, and provide my bank details. Also, both companies have stated that
  3. I am asking for advice regarding my situation, which I accept are entirely my own doing ; a couple of years ago, I set up a DMP to repay my debts, and all is going fine with the repayments ; unfortunately, within the last 2 years, I have succumbed to the temptation of 3 separate pay day loans, mainly due to a change in employment resulting in a decrease in wages ; I took the loans out with the intention of repaying each in full, but circumstances have dictated that I've now reached a position where my next re-payment exceeds my take home pay ! naturally, I need to do something about my
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