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  1. Thanks for the response BazzaS, I just wanted to know if the criminal record was dispatched how long would it stand on my record.
  2. A part of me thinks I'm going to have to face the music on this one. I've just decided to say to say the truth. I hope I don't get a criminal record but if I was to honest with you their in their rights to issue one. Along with a hefty fine. It's a mess tbh. I've leant my lesson after this tabacle. I'll update everyone on what I write back to them and how things go from then onwards.
  3. In response to dx, No this is not the only time I have used her pass. This is the only time I've been caught with it in my use.
  4. Dear Grotesque, Thanks. I feel so silly for doing it now! Just seems like its going to be a really long process. Thanks for the advise.. Do you think I will end with a criminal record because of this incident ?
  5. I'm seriously considering to say exactly what happened. Then again will my sister receive her Oyster card back in time for the end of the Summer holiday. I'm more concerned about her receiving her oyster on time...
  6. I've just been caught using my little sisters Oyster card today at 17:00. Her Oyster card was taken by the inspector and is currently being used as evidence. I've been told I will be contacted in 10 working for my side of the story on why I was using my sisters Oyster card. The inspector said that if I write back to them and give a clear reason of why I used the oyster I.e "picked it up by accident" before leaving home it may be a sufficient enough excuse and a settlement may be issued. Please give me advise on what i should do. Should I do anything at all ?
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