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  1. There was about a month in between. Both were with Birmingham City Council, so I didn't think to tell them I had moved. I did pay council tax since we moved in, although for some reason all the bills come in my boyfriend's name only, although all the payments are online in my name and both of us signed the housing contract.
  2. I've had two letters in the past few days, the first time I was out and the second time I was in but didn't hear any knock. The second letter said I owe £750 but from speaking to the council the council tax debt is only about £500 (which I am appealing as I moved out and they continued to bill me) that is already £250 bailiff's fees - which seems crazy since the first I even knew of the debt was the first letter!! Letter says: "ENFORCEMENT NOTICE - Your files are now with our removal bailiffs. The sum of £............. is now required. Unless contact is made with the bailiff TODAY your goods will be at risk of being removed and the balance will become due in full..."etc. Am I okay just to ignore them and continue dealing with the council directly??
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help with a few questions! A few days ago I had a letter posted through the door from Ross and Roberts bailiffs. I phoned the bailiff and he told me it was for unpaid council tax from my previous address (I must have missed payments without realising), some of which dated from after I had already left the house and moved to my new address. I told the bailiff that I would not pay without speaking to the council first, so the next day I called the council and they told me I can appeal in writing. They said they didn't have a record of my new address until about 6 months after I had actually moved they had kept billing me and sent all the bills and a litigation order to my old address and I had never received them, the first I knew of the debt was the bailiff’s letter. They told me I could appeal by explaining the situation in writing and sending copies of my old and new housing contracts to show the date I moved, and then they would consider reducing the bill and recalling the bailiffs. I was planning to write to the bailiffs to say I am dealing directly with the council in the hope they stop chasing me, as well as sending the appeal letter to the council. Is there any specific information or wording I need to include in either letter for them to be effective? And If I do this, and pay the council directly for the part of the bill I actually owe after appealing, will I still have to pay the bailiff fees, or will they leave me alone then??
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