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  1. Awesome - thanks for that @conniff, just written the letter and will send it tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, I will definately be looking around come renewal time, last time Admiral were definately the cheapest. I've not actually tried getting any quotes to see how it compares with renewal, but I will definitely give that a go, hopefully some of them will come up cheaper.
  3. Thanks for the reply unclebulgaria much appreciated. Do you know how long this loading lasts for? Does it reduce a little each year? I was pretty shocked at the percentage increase as most of the accounts I've read have been increases of between 5% - 10% so was taken aback a bit lol. I am guessing just based on logic that this reduces back to zero loading within a 5 year period or does it generally stay the same and then disappear after 5 years (as you would no longer have to declare it, because they normally ask you for your claim history 'in the last 5 years') - you seem to be more clued up on this that me! Cheers Callcentermonkey - thanks, I am actually going through a company that is arranging my car hire / repair etc but it's all done through my insurers so there's no up-front cost to me. It was just the loading next time around that I was really unhappy with.
  4. Hi all Here is a bit of background as to the problem I am facing. Someone recently reversed into my car which was parked in a pay and display car park in a town centre. Luckily (?) for me, he left a note on my windscreen and has admitted full responsibility. He's given me all of his details and even reported said incident to the police. I've made my claim and am currently waiting for my insurance company (Admiral insurance) to contact me re getting my car picked up and repaired / loan car issued etc. I have 14 years NCD which is protected and when I was speaking to the guy, I thought I would make sure that this didn't affect my renewal premium next year (I've only just renewed about 2 months ago, so it's not due for ages yet). He said he didn't know and I would need to speak to another department, so I did. They told me yes it would but said because the renewal was so far away I would have to call the New Business department and get a dummy quote (which would give me an idea based on today's figures). Before I did this I told them I really wasn't happy that I was getting punished for someone elses incompetence , they told me about all the statistics and how I am now a higher risk and more likely to make a fault claim in the future because someone had backed their 4x4 into me. I asked (for about 40 minutes) various people to explain, logically, why this it. They couldn't. Anyhow, I called new business and they ran through a cloned dummy quote and I was shocked to say the least. The difference was about £150 on an aprox £302 policy. Yep 50% roughly - I think the guy said renewal without the claim would be £302 and £450 with the claim. Seriously - what?! Like I said I have 14 years NCD (yep, I understand this is still protected and applied but now to a much higher premium) and have no convictions or points on my licence (not to mention, I wasn't even in the car when this happened and it was legally parked). Sooooo.... my question would be, how would I go about recovering this extra money they are loading me with? I've read a couple of stories where people argued with their insurers and they basically waived the increase in the end, but Admiral just seem to be reading from a script and not able to make decisions like that. Can I claim this from the other party's insurer? How long does this loading go on for? (If 5 years, then I would need to claim £750). Lastly, I also know that not all insurers load premiums for No Fault Claims, does anyone who has had experiences with this kind of thing know which insurers do and which don't? (I've heard eSure do as Elephant (which I think are part of Admiral anyway)). Would it be a good idea for me to speak to the financial ombudsmen? (I tried calling them but they are closed today). Thanks for bearing with me, would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on my next steps and I would also be interested to hear from anyone who has experienced this kind of thing - good or bad. Thanks all!
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