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  1. Yeah I mean I WAS speeding - but was told by the police man himself to dispute it IF it was 34 as they only do from 35 for 30 limits, as you correctly say. And I know that other things can come in to play but the lady on the phone basically said no, it was 35 according to all our documentation otherwise you wouldn't have been sent a letter. But I'm 99.99% sure it said 34 on the original letter. Also just to rub it in it took them about 6 weeks to send me the actual letter after the offence!
  2. When you say you expected some kind of reward / discount, do you mean you were told you would get one, or just that you were hoping to get one? bottom line is you signed up for a contract and you now need to abide to the terms of that contract. I did get out of a Sky broadband contract once but only because they couldnt fulfil their end of the contract, specifically "being able to provide the service when moving home" - because I moved to Hull and only KC offer line-based Internet there. So... want to move to Hull?
  3. I recently visited a speed awareness course after getting a letter for 34 in a 30. The policeman there said I shouldn't be there - actually he said I shouldn't have got a letter saying 34. Someone else there said they had a 34 too. But the letter that had the speed on you have to return back to accept the course. This was from Lincs police. But when I phoned they said their records said 35. Is there any way that anyone knows of of a) there being some kind of discrepancy, unlikely as it may sound or b) do you have the rights to have the original letter returned with your signature on to pr
  4. tanner1980

    Kwikfit MOT

    Is this just your local Kwik Fit or multiple ones? I very much doubt it's all of them. I personally had my wife's Aygo tested a year ago and they phoned to say it's fine, just the wiper blade needed changing but they will put it through a free retest if we want them to put a new blade on. It was blatantly broken and the price for a new one was standard for what it was. So in my experience they are just fine. But that's the point - everyone has their own experiences... maybe your local one needs reporting to the top dogs at Kwik Fit? Does anyone know if they work on a franchise basis? Or m
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