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  1. I phoned them. They apologised blaming the system and immediately emailed me a new proof with 3 years NCB. They said that everything is ok regarding my non-fault accident. However, my quotations did not change so I think I'll call them again tomorrow.
  2. Finally someone answered. They told me to ring the customer service tomorrow on 08452190910.
  3. Thank you. That explains a lot. I phoned Ecar on the above number but they simply disconnect after a few minutes. Will try again.
  4. Sorry, just help. Any suggestions? What should I do?
  5. Hello, I had ecar insurance for the past 3 years. They offered me a renewal of more than 3000 a year. I asked for the proof of NCD and they sent me a letter saying that I had 0 years NCD and inviting me to renew. The only incident that I had was when another car hit me from the back while I was stationary at a roundabout. I notified them as I was supposed to, was given ref. no.and told they would contact me if there was any development. They never did. I didn't claim as there was no damage. I tried to contact them now but to no avail. The only companies that offer me 'quite' cheap in
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