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  1. I have told my partner tonight I feel so relived I was chasing losses so I'm happy that I can stop now knowing that he knows I'm in debt! I have contacted stepchange to help me sort this debt out! Thanks for ur advice everyone! X
  2. i am so stupid i have got myself into this massive hole and i can't get out i don't know what to do! Omg where do I start... In may I put £25 online slot and after 3 spins won £1000 wow this is so easy!! Took the money and closed my account for 6 months so I didn't spend any more put it all in our savings for my wedding! The week after I signed up to another site and lost £200 0oh well I can afford it then the week after that I joined another one spent all my wages in one afternoon but wait I won £1900 with the very last £50 I had yes I'm saved... Paid my rent paid the bills bought
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