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  1. Hi mate did you get your application into the property chamber? Sounds like a real battle on your hands.
  2. Apple - My reply to the chamber to stop the striking out of the applications is looming and any help is appreciated? Cheers TTGR
  3. What's the name of the group fighting them please?
  4. Some of these posts are out order. It's none of anyone's business apart from IIM & their friend!
  5. I'm not sure the judge has put an application into the chamber either. Although if I was them after all this and if I had a mortgage with an unsigned deed I would! I was merely stating that you seem a lot more bothered than everyone else? Which sols do you work for? Are you dodgeball as well mate? That said, I do appreciate you clearing that up. I don't believe any thing in this thread is really important since probably half way through it. I do believe all we have got now are pointless posts like my few posts tonight, total repetition from you and dodgeball and complete speculation about the chamber result. Completely pointless until the judgment I'd say!
  6. Ben you seem more bothered about the chamber result than the people that have actually put in an application , is it me, Apple and the judge. What is in it for you and why are you so intent on bringing this whole thread down? 28 days from the day of the hearing was 17th. You got that wrong as well mate!
  7. All deeds have to be signed by both parties. Lenders know very well what they are doing. Molly - They are not signing the deeds purposely so they can securitise your supposed debt in other words sell this on to an SPV. Once your property is sold or they repossess your house then your deed will be signed thus executed. Lenders know what they are doing as this is proven if you can get hold of a deed from your lender to an SPV in that the deed will be signed by both directors of the companies. Molly read the early pages of this thread to get the understanding and then do your homework on your own mortgage/loan. Hope this helps!
  8. Not surprising... Read this thread and Get your application into the chamber ASAP mate!
  9. This is very interesting. The offer document that you talk about, which you state may be fraudulent. Are you saying that you lost the original offer document and then they have produced a copy of a document which is now signed by you? And your lender? Or both? Like you say, how can the judge allow a possession order to go ahead on the basis of terms and conditions of the very document you are disputing? When did you take the mortgage out? How many months arrears? When did Nram begin these legal repossession proceedings? Have you considered challenging the actual mortgage deed?
  10. Sorry Apple, I didn't mean I had one. I just need to get Ben to tell me exactly which pages of the 700 I need to look at at? I will go library like sequenci then. Ben over to you......
  11. Ben - thanks for taking the time to sort of answer my questions. I'm trying to find the page where you've posted up this part of Harlsbury Law. I want to see for myself. What pages of volume 77 am I looking for?
  12. Hi Ben, Any chance you could answer the following questions? 1. Why do you think the Property Chamber are sending out previous cases in this way? 2. Who do you think is making this decision to send these cases out? 3. Why do you think Lenders are constantly breaking Tribunal rules by a) demanding applicant costs to be added to the mortgage contrary to Tribunal Rule13 (1) b) failing to send their customer written notice of which solicitor has been instructed contrary to Tribunal Rule 14 (2) 4. Why do you think the Chamber is staying the proceedings pending outcome of similar cases? Tribunal Rule 3 (m) & 23 5. Why do you think the Lender is yet to put forward their written objections? 6. What do you think about the Chamber allowing a Lender to not submit written objections before the deadline, due to the case being stayed, despite nothing in Tribunal Rule 23 or 30 referring to this? 7. Why do you think Is it me's friend's Lender has used 3 solicitors? 8. Why do you think the Chamber has not struck out any case? Tribunal Rule 9
  13. Really strange behaviour. It's almost as if the Chamber are trying to put a stop to this. I know the lender are definitely using tactics to put a stop to it... I have again been copied in to a third email to the Chamber, which is again requesting more time to submit objections to the application. What makes me laugh is that they mention requesting more time because the application has been stayed pending the outcome of similar applications and due to "the tight deadline" - what tight deadline? They've had plenty of time to submit objections. I am still yet to receive any notification from my lender that they have instructed a solicitor - contrary to rule 14 (2) They also again mention saving costs - which they would like to add will be added to the borrowers mortgage account - contrary to rule 13 (1)©
  14. Well done PJ! I didn't have access to a scanner till later.. Saved me a job. Thanks for this. The first line of this document underlined says it all really - County Court unapproved judgement
  15. What I don't understand is - 1. who is the Applicant who asked this to be sent? 2. Why would an Applicant send a case through that still harps on about section 2 LPMPA 89? 3. Why are the Property Chamber doing the dirty work of the lenders? I think I need to make a call to the Chamber tomorrow. All very confusing!
  16. The letter from the chamber says - " I have been asked to send you the enclosed copy decision of HH Judge Blunsdon dated 20th March 2013. This has been sent to us by the Applicant in another case similar to your case..." Has anyone else had this case through? Joseph Henry Fergus (by LPA Receivers P Jardine and GC Davis) and Calvin Matthews and Persons Unknown. - Lambeth County Court.. Is there any way this case can be posted if I get it scanned in?
  17. Judge Blunsdon between Joseph Fergus - LPA Receivers vs Calvin Matthews
  18. I have now received another one of these cases on my door step which has been sent from the Chamber. Again stating - I have been asked to send you the enclosed decision Why are the Chamber sending these documents direct from them? I thought they were the independent body? Shouldn't the lender be doing this? Going to go and have a read!
  19. Yes, solicitors would prefer to stick with the lender cos that's where the real money is. I bet if this was proven in the Chamber, all of a sudden you'd see law firms appearing everywhere for advice and support to borrowers. Like the sudden PPi and accident law firms and adverts that appear. Where there's money to be had I'm afraid!
  20. I was led to believe that equitable mortgages were now made illegal in the UK? At the end of the day, all equitable mortgages is how the world goes round. In every walk of life someone makes money off someone else. If equitable residential mortgages are to be made legal and common knowledge by the average lender then the law requires changing fast because registered land has to be brought by deed and in order for a deed to be a deed, it has to be signed by both parties. And we all know that both parties don't sign the deed so once our home is sold on the open market, the bulk of properties and deeds can then be closed by deed. I have seen loads of deeds signed by both parties, once they are all sold off together. What gives the lender the right to suddenly do things properly once it has made its money? All this without the knowledge of the poor borrower with his family, who then if goes into arrears and loses their home - when in actual fact that lender had absolutely no right to the property at all! If there was more transparency then yes fair enough everyone knows what they are walking into. However too many people have lost their homes and go on losing their homes when in actual fact the lender had no right to it whatsoever! And yes mate, I am for real - not just a robot
  21. I like it! All who are taking their lender to the Chamber, either because they are facing repossession, they are fed up of being dictated to by these lenders or cos they can just simply see the facts and the law that protects them, the onus is now on the lender to prove it has a right to our homes cos as I see it so far, certainly with mine, they don't!
  22. Sequenci, Most of your posts are about what you feel the implications would be of a void deed. You have asked the question many a time relating to if the borrower would receive anything. You believe nothing at all and that the debt would remain repayable at the same level etc... Are you for real? I can't believe you actually think that if the deed is deemed void that there would be no restitution for the borrower. There has to be, because the borrower has been mis sold and misguided into signing a deed with terms attached that the lender knowingly knew was a complete lie. Have you ever seen any terms stating - "we will not sign or execute your deed and your mortgage will be sold off to the open market. You are entering into a mortgage by demise, a charge by way of legal mortgage and that we hold your title but we will not actually own your mortgage" Not to mention the complete profit that they have made off the back of our mortgages. There has to be heavy penalties against the lender and all interest payments for the length of the mortgage term, arrears, court costs and injury to feelings compensation to the borrower at various levels. Remember some borrowers have gone through the stress of constant hounding and harassment from their lender at various levels... What about the potential compensation due from HMLR in registering a void deed? What about the conveyancer that was instructed by the lender and supposed to be completing the mortgage for the borrower and in the borrower's interest. Sorry mate but there's absolute no doubt, and I work in this field, that the borrower would be compensated heavily if a void deed is determined and this compensation would not just come from the lender! Sequenci - do you work for a lender and maybe you're counting your future costs?
  23. I think I know where you are coming from. I believe that what you say about this whole issue be unbeknown to the solicitors though is naive. I believe they knew exactly what they was doing and are partly to blame for this. If I instruct a solicitor I expect a service within the law and anything which is outside of the law then the client should be made aware. They aren't bothered as long as they get their cash as agreed from the lender. The fact that the lender offer incentives such as free conveyancer just shows that they aren't working for the borrower at all. The lender, HMLR and the instructed solicitor knew exactly what was going on! What worries me is that lenders still offer free legal fees paid with most remortgages and some mortgages. What's in it for them? Because as you say nothing is for free!
  24. Totally GHAM, l was offered these incentives on applying for the mortgage, like help with costs and free conveyancer. Now I understand why I was offered these. Not particularly good legal advice when the lender isn't executing the deed to profiteer heavily from the sale of my mortgage. I was led to believe my lender had a charge over my property. I now know that they don't! So who does that is the question? The title says my lender, but HMLR have not updated this because my current ender has failed to tell them. Could you please let me know what you mean by your last paragraph?
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