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  1. My mom receives ESA she in a support group.She been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer after 13 weeks in hospital and because where she lives is not suitable to come back to she in a Nursing home. Can she still claim ESA or do I need to contact them? We receive housing benefit the flat in my mom name but me and my sister are stopping there do we need to get the housing benefit change as well? Would we have to put the flat in my name instead of mom as we got to move out as we in a 3 bed property and thought we just change it then or do I need to do it now?
  2. I booked an holiday with Thomson for Christmas I booked it as a surprise for my mom as she been feeling run down and I thought she need something to look forward to. A couple of days after my mom started to be more ill losing part of vision went to doctors and got told it was an eye infection. A couple days later she lost more vision and acting all confused so I took her to opticians as doctors kept on saying theres nothing wrong. Soon as we got to opticians and took one look sent us straight to a & e after having a brain scan it was confirmed there's a growth and after having biopsy 3 weeks later she was told she got terminal cancer and there can not treat it because of where it is. I know its my fault I never got insurance because all of this started just after I booked with her sight i never even thought it was anything more then been run down down before I booked it. Then all this happened and forgot about the insurance. I been all over the place backwards to hospital and on Sunday 29th I emailed Thomson exceptions team to confirm we can not fly due to my mom diagnosis and there said under there exceptions terms and conditions there could refund me the money as its terminal cancer. But because I emailed them 2 days late before the cut of date 3 weeks before I fly I will not received nothing back. I feel to be told I was 2 days late I should received something back I asked if I can have it in vouchers and I will travel later on next year after my mom passes away but no I missed the deadline and there nothing can be done. I know its my fault about the insurance and then being all over the place trying to find my mom a place to home to as my property is bot suitable and hospital will not discharge her back to the property but to be told there would of refunded me the money if I was just 2 days earlier. Can anyone help if there anything I can do?
  3. My work programme advisor contacted manager and said i shouldn't have been put on course as i was still on work programme. My crime seems to be applying for jobs and keep on being turned down.
  4. Thanks for the info, just don't understand why she seems to have it in for me. I worked for 15 years before being made redundant, first time i've ever claimed and the big thing whats stopping me from getting a job is my disability, which they know about, she wants to send me on a course for people who've never had a job or keep on being sacked. The job centre deputy manger overuled her then she changed the course and then the senior manager overuled her again. The work programme advisors been great, had no help from job centre whatever, been treated like I've never worked in my life by her, when I'm desperate to get a job.
  5. My job centre personnel advisor called me it to my work programme advisor, who has not got a clue what it means, during a heated phone conversation. She seems to be picking on me, because the managers at the job centre has put a stop to where she wanted to send me to. Which was totally inappropriate for me, she said I had to do the activity because I was a "rainbow client"
  6. I'm new to this can anyone help me, my Personnel advisor at the job centre has labelled me a "Rainbow Client" what does this mean?
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