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  1. Thank you and Happy new year and Happy 12 birthday to you all at CAG XX Wendy
  2. Yes i did, thanks to this fantastic Advise forum, I have recomended "YOU" to around 100 + friends ,family ect. Update is some what late and i appologise for that. Trustee off land reg, Bankruptcey removed from my records, i have a great credit score again. Big hugs to all you guys, I hope you in admin realised who sent that "thank you" donation last year. Wendyboats xx
  3. i have won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trustee wants me to drop my new appeal and all creditors and the Trustee will meet all costs. Case was due to be heard this Monday, but........................Do I continue ???????????? Wendy boats aka Watson did this will the help of many but one name stands true and that my friends is the MOULD XXXX God bless you!
  4. Hi Ford no I have submitted every thing the Judge asked for, he has that already, it was just a question of when he could fit me in as he has been working on other bigger cases to mine. Regards WB x
  5. HI all just to update waiting for court to give date of next hearing, it will be between the 3rd and 9th of May. Will let you all know when I hear from them. Kind regards WB aka Watson still here on those moors xx
  6. Will do Ford, I had to look up what forced majeure meant tho ! WBx
  7. Agree with all the above I would have had to get a taxi if I could not work it out by the maps as no one in London are from London ! Thanks UB X
  8. Hi all, Just got back from London unfortunately the Honourable Judge overseeing my appeal was taken unwell this morning and it had to be postponed to a future date. My thoughts are with him: sad: xx I managed to get myself truly lost in London as I was on my own and travelled by coach to Victoria station, a route I have never been on before and shall not try again! Will keep you all updated to a future date. Kind regards Wendy.......... aka Watson still here on those moors xx
  9. Thank you Wooks001, My determination came from this forum, and as iv said many times before no matter what the outcome this forum and the dearest people iv never met have given me the strength to achieve this tomorrow, and even if I loose, iv won. That theses lowlife gutter snipers need us all to continue to get credit so easily, we need to stop getting credit on the never, never. This damaging use of lowlife Capone and Lowell portfolio one offering easy credit to all and sundry, knowing that one day, may be not tomorrow but one day very soon in the not to distant future, they a
  10. Hi all, Tomorrow I go to London appeals court for the hearing to appeal, Hopefully to be granted a order to appeal out of time, then have my case heard and (please god) hopefully overturned. Time is set for after 11.am and to last about one hour, So "wish me luck Guys" and ill see you all out on those moors as soon as I know the Honourable Judges ruling. Watson awaits the horse drawn carriage to take her to the place were she hopes to see her dear old friends, or at least to feel the many hands holding hers in spirit. As always thanking all you fantastic caring people here
  11. Update... Transcript approved and given to Judge in higher courts, Judges clerk will e mail me in couple of days with some dates. WB
  12. Hi TB, Hi all, Transcript has been sent to Judge in lower court to approve, its been nearly 2 weeks, so chased up on Thursday with company that transcribed it, as yet no new from them. I am not getting notifications of my messages on here so I will check daily now till I can up date some news of this. WB aka Watson, Promises........ I will let you all know as soon as I do, I know you all are with me, holding my hand, as I wait for news sat in this cold, dark, and very, very scary place that is called the moors. WB aka Watson is looking out for you xx
  13. That's good news TB... Update hearing adjourned still waiting for lower judges transcript as requested by judge. Wendyboats aka Watson
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