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  1. Unfortunately the general law is "buyer beware". The seller is not under a general duty to disclose the mould.


    When the sale was done there may have been a questionnaire completed by the seller. The seller could be liable for incorrect or misleading answers to that questionnaire. I doubt there will be anything specific enough to help you but perhaps worth checking.


    Thank you for that, to be honest it was pretty much the answer I was expecting. I was just annoyed when I found the foil liners, discovering that rather than fix the problem they'd tried to hide it.

  2. I moved into a flat about 5 years ago. The one bedroom had a problem with mould about a year later, this was treated with a fungicide at the time, but it keeps coming back. It turns out there was a problem with the damp course on the exterior wall, and that's been dealt with.


    The mould keeps recurring so I decided to strip off the wall paper, when I took it off the base of the exterior walls had a foil liner. The walls above this liner were treated with what looks like sealant primer paint.


    When I purchased the flat there was no mention of damp problems, but this liner and primer does suggest that the previous owner was aware of the problem. Did they have a legal duty to inform me of the problem, and if so does the fact they didn't tell me mean can I still make a claim against them?

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