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  1. NCO dealing on behalf of the Student Loans Company. General harrassment, suggesting that I take out loans to resolve the debt, threatening postcards saying that they will be calling not coming to a reasonable payment schedule. I really, really, hate a nd despise them Matt
  2. Fred, You go through all the usual credit checks etc. I tried to open one up with NatWest who refused but put me onto a Step account instead. In my opinion, stay away from overdrafts anyway. They'll only bite you in the arse later on. Good luck Matt
  3. GOOD GOOD GOOD NEWS!!!! I've just spoken to SCM about my evidence bundle. Court is due on 29th Jan and they were supposed to present evidence on the 15th but never received anything. My conversation went as follows: ME : I'm calling to see if you've recieved my evidence bundle. THEM : Let me check...yes ME : I Haven't had mine yet. Is this usual? THEM : Let me check...They've only just pulled out the file so it's with the person who's dealing with it. ME : Could you ask them please? THEM: Hang on a second...I've spoken to the person who's dealing with your case says the reason they haven't replied is because they've decided to settle!!!! :D ~Thanks for all your help and support everyone. Matt
  4. HI Mick and Jo, It's such a good feeling getting the bundle off! Mine is off too I think I'm a couple of days a head of you, my court date is on the 29th Jan, and my bundle had to be received on Monday. Just to let you know that surprise surprise the bundle didn't show from SCM and when I phoned them to ask what was going on they said that they hadn't prepared it and were waiting on Lloyds to advise on action to be taken. Cool. I'll chase again on friday and hope fully a nice fat cheque will be on its way?? Good luck to you. Matt
  5. Hi Physicsgraduate, Just to add my tuppence worth. I've had a similar experience with the SLC and there buddies at NCO. NCO wouldn't accept my offer of £10 a month, (I'm a returning student with like £0 a week income). To cut a long story short, they started threatening to send a collector around, which worried me a bit. I then got in touch with the National Debtline and explained my situation and said that I was getting harrased by the DCA. He was a really helpful sympathetic guy and sent loads of really usefull info. One of which was a guidance document from the OFT regarding unfair business practices of DCA. I wrote the a letter detailing exactly what they were doing that could be construed as harrasment and they haven't got back to me in a while. I found this which might help : To __________ Dear Sir, Account Number Thank you for your letter/telephone call on ___________. I am very disappointed that we seem to be able to reach a satisfactory compromise in this case. As I have already explained I can only afford £_____ per month at the present time. This is the only realistic payment proposal bearing in mind the enclosed personal budget sheet. You have stated in your correspondence your intention to commence proceedings in the county court against me. The commencement of legal proceedings under such circumstances could be counter to the ‘Overriding Objectives’ of the Civil Procedure Rules. You will be aware that the ‘Overriding Objectives’ underpin everything the court does. Moreover, paragraph 4 of the Protocols Practice Direction states that in the cases not covered by an approved pre-action protocol, the court will expect the parties to “act reasonably…in trying to avoid the necessity for the start of proceedings.” I suggest that your refusal to accept my offer could be viewed as unreasonable and I would ask the court to consider this matter with reference to the ‘Overriding Objectives’. The offer of £______ per month is of course still open to you to accept Yours Faithfully Good luck Matt
  6. Right then, Evidence bundles collated, dividers labelled, letters written, envelope addressed, stamp stuck. Now I just need to wait for there documents to come through They have only 'til monday to send it so we shall see.
  7. Hi Barty, Thanks so much that helps! I've got a question though (I'm sorry to be a pain) The bank are saying in their defence that the charges are because the bank is providing a service and therefore are not penalty fees. Is the court bundle still relevant or are there any other bits I need to add or leave out? Does the audio evidence from McNamara still need to go in? Thanks for you help Matt
  8. Hi Jo and Mick, I received a court case date this morning. To be honest I've been absolutely bricking myself with fear. After reading your thread and all the helpful advice and support from everyone, I'm feeling loads better about it all now. I don't have any practicle advice or any legal knowledge, but I thought I'd say that I'm with you on this, I'm sure it will all go well. Go give 'em hell!! Best wishes Matt
  9. Barty, Thanks for the reply. The letter I've got does say that I need to send documents to all parties no later than the 15th of January. Also as stated above I didn't fill in section G. Is this a problem? Lloyds have also on their defence given that they are going to defend on the grounds that it is a service provided rather than a penalty charge. I'm pretty well read up on defence as penalty charges, but not sure where to go with them saying its a servide. Anyway I think that I'm panicing, I'm sure it'll be fine. And I'll read the link as well Thanks Barty Matt
  10. Hi There, Just been going through the process of taking Lloyds to court over my bank charges. Have sent of the all the letters and have got to the point of taking them to court via Moneyclaim: Claim number: 6QZ81369 Issued: 07/11/06 Court: MCOL Charges: £1420 Interest: £196.02 Costs: £220 Total Claim: £1936.02 The bank then sent me an AQ which I filled out and sent back. Now today I get a letter saying that my court case is going to court on the 29th Jan. Now I'm absolutely packing it!! Do I need to worry? Is this the usual for Lloyds TSB? Looknig back at what I've done I dodn't complete section G. Now I guess this is completely stupid, but they got my all of that in my original money claim papers. Now I think that I'm up the creek without a paddle. Can anyone please say any kind, soothing word to me? Is there anything that I can do about it? Thanks in anticipation of help. Matt
  11. Hi andybhoy! Just had a similar telephone conversation with NCO. It is on a completely different problem (student loans) but they are very unreasonable and unwilling to compromise and talk sense. I think that I'm going to also say stop phoning me up and that I'm only going to deal with them by letter. Their addres is Old Docks House, 90 Watery Lane, Preston, England. PR2 1AU I wonder if anyone else has had similar probs with them? Good luck
  12. That's great guys. I'm going to speak to the branch today, see if I can get some sense out of them. Thanks!!
  13. Hi There, I've jut had a letter from the student loans company saying that I owe them £1216.0 in arrears. I have spoken to them about this and have found that it has now been passwed to a collections company. They have said that I am giong to be unable to claim a new student loan unless I clear the full amount. I am positive that some of the amounts are unfair charges, but I am waiting for the statement to be sent out. I wondered does anybody have any experience of the SLC? Many Thanks
  14. Hi Saj, Thanks for the advice. I think I had a case of red mist earlier. I've started opening up a parachute account. Does any one know if I can approach the FSA or the Financial Ombudsman? I feel really agreived by this treatment and want Llyods to get their a**es kicked for it! Thanks
  15. Hi There, Oh hell I'm in a bit of a sticky situation, and need some major help please? Here goes. So I've got an account at Lloyds which is £1124.92 o/d. All of this is because Lloyds have charged me £1210 in charges and unpaid DD amounts on and overdraft which they have since cancelled. I'm currently going through the process of legal action against Lloyds and have sent off my LBA and am waiting for the 14 days which is on Monday. I've now found out that Lloyds have closed my account, and that the balance is with a recovery department. They are saying that they've served a default on the account but I haven't had anything from them. I really don't know what to do in this case. Please can anybody help. Much obliged.
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