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  1. I started the apprenticeship at the beginning of this year, don't go into college to do any training or anything just learn on the job, but she hasn't shown willing to teach me anything and has set me back since coming. I would usually just take it on the chin and look elsewhere for a job but I'm panicking as no money coming in could lead to me losing my family as I can't support my partner and child. The midwife has informed us that my partner won't go full term so realistically we have less than 9 weeks :/ its happened at such a bad time and the worry an not knowing what to do is really gett
  2. I have had no kind of warning from her, and before she came to the company I was a lot more involved. When she started she began to tell me I was no longer allowed to do certain things which I had been doing, and not trying to help me learn in any way. It's been mentioned to me by other people, may not be gospel truth as it hasn't come from her personally to me but apparently her son is I a similar age so she wants to apprenticeship position to be open so he can go for it. Also when she told me she was going to have to get rid she never said it was because I had done something wron
  3. I'm not sure of any paperwork or contracts I will check when I get home, I'm at work until five though
  4. Thank you for your response. I don't go into college, I just work Monday to Friday at the company & I'm at work at the minute but will check the paperwork when I get home. After work on Tuesday the new manager called me into the office where she told me that she had nothing against me as an individual but I am no good for the company, and gave me a weeks notice. But then said I will be finishing this week off then I'm done. But shouldn't I be able to work and be paid up until five o clock next Tuesday? I had no written or verbal warning and still have no written notice. She has also
  5. Iv been in an apprenticeship with a company for 3-4 months, for the first few months we didn't have an immediate manager and I made a lot of progression. We now have a new manager and she has recently told me that she has to let me go because I'm 'not good for the company' what I don't understand is that Iv been waiting for training so that I can contribute to the company that she should have arranged, she hasn't given me any warnings verbal or written, she has stopped me from learning parts of the business then tells me that I'm not good enough for the company. Is there anything at all I can
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