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    Zazzle.co.uk TAX

    I have an account with Zazzle.co.uk (but i think US company) and upload designs which are placed on products that people can buy. Once sold, I get a royalty on the product, eg 10% from a £20 tshirt. I am want to withdraw funds but I need to complete a form that mentions a tax treaty between the US and UK. I can choose to not complete this section BUT will lose 30% for tax. Or I can claim of Tax Treaty Benefits, but the info from them is vague. I've attached the form that I need to complete (I think?). Does anyone know where I can find more info about this tax treaty?? An
  2. so they have to submit to me a letter before action too??
  3. If I send a letter before action, can the person I am claiming against then submit their own claim to court against me??
  4. The landlords (a company) and I are butting heads about both these issues. Claim damage to furniture: I have had to destroy 3 pieces of furniture due to mould. The mould I believe was caused due to a poor sealing window in our bedroom therefore letting in moisture. The landlords knew about this within a couple of months of moving in and never corrected it. I tried every year before winter to add my own seal but that ultimately fails. And heating the room was so expensive, as I believe there was no wall insulation as there were black spots of mould on 3 out of 4 walls and the nois
  5. thanks for all your help...i'll try the SAR.
  6. no time limit...dammit. but they did mention in their original letter about a debt collection agency?
  7. cool, thanks i'll get back to them on moday when their lines open again.
  8. they claimed on the phone it was many small social fund loans back in 2008.
  9. now NOT eligible for housing benefit.....it won't let me edit my original post
  10. i have received a letter from the DWP and after phoning found out that it was a social fund crisis loan debt from 2008 for around £700. can they still chase this after so long?? i recently moved and are not now eligible for HB because of our lower rent, so i think for some reason it's now flagged on their system. but the debt is so old and now they have sent a letter to my employer for a DEA. any advice would be great.
  11. If you can find one then please and thank you......
  12. They are simply not even bothering to respond to ANY of my emails. What would be the next step for failure to make contact with me????
  13. If I use this in my next letter/email, will they question it?? If so, is there a specific section that relates to this "case"??
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