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  1. Would be interesting if it was the same LPA receiver, even more interesting if the sale was completed by the same solicitor, I think you will find some MP's are aware of the goings on, so it may be worth you talking to your MP
  2. Hi Frantic, I had a property sold at undervalue by the receivers, with no advertising at all, LPA receiver used dirty tactics, and was being investigated as part of a property fraud, Please can someone explain how Lloyds can employ these tactics, with a bit of digging on the internet you can find quite a few more of Lloyds dirty tactics
  3. Having just come to this thread, I am interested as this case is similar to my own, my I suggest you do a little investigation into the actual receiver and their company, also the solicitor used and their back ground, as if it is like my case you may find some interesting reading
  4. The mortgage deed is not only used for the payments made, it is also used with the LPA act to instruct and give permission for the actions of LPA Receivers, surely, if The Deeds are unsigned then there must be a question regarding the validity of receivers appointed under The Deed?
  5. Having followed the threads. Can I ask a question with regards non signed deeds, as the deeds are used to appoint LPA receivers, would an unsigned mortgage document put this appointment in doubt. Thanks
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