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  1. Welcome to CAG Ask him politely to put his instructions in writing. What they say on the phone may not be what happens for real. Would your GP give you a sicknote stating that you are unfit to attend the interview. Could you give details on when you appealed etc. Some of the more experienced members of the forum have day jobs and you may not get more detailed answers to your questions until later.
  2. Hi. I am helping the partner of a man with mental health problems fill out a new ESA50 form. He has been in the ESA Support Group for eighteen months with a diagnosis of depression and anxiety related disorders. His last assessment by ATOS went to appeal due to the “Subjective” nature of his evidence. The letter from his consultant was mainly based on his partner’s descriptions of what happens and her opinion of what could happen if he was unable to remove himself from certain situations. Since that time he has had two programmes of CBT to try and reduce his anxiety and problem s with social interactions. He very rarely leaves the house on his own and then only with someone who he knows and trusts. When he is anxious the first thing that happens is that any noise will make him jump/jerk. If he is left in that environment then he will start to shout out offensive words. I have asked him what would happen after that if you could not walk away. His partner replied he would become “Violent and do anything to get away”. As proof of this she told me of an incident in a shopping centre whilst he was on CBT which did not go very well and both the shopping centres security and the local police were involved. I will not go into details but no violence was evolved mainly due to the security guard recognising that this poor man had a problem and the police managing the situation with great tact. Due to the involvement of the police an incident number was given to the man’s partner. My plan is to use this to link this incident to the mental health descriptors as an example of how he reacts when stressed and using the incident number as objective evidence of his mental health problems. Any thoughts from the more experienced members of the forum please.
  3. Thankyou for your clarification, I should have worded my post differently. MM
  4. Yes get some help filling out the form from cab, you could also download a form nearer the time to practice on. I wish you and the wee one all the best.
  5. Just a quick question have you ever had any form of abdominal surgery before?
  6. Wisejak, First of all try and take one day at a time, You have been given ESA and placed into the support group for various conditions which by the sound of it have become worse rather than better. At the present time you need rest not only for you but for the baby. Do you know how long you was placed into the support group for? It would help to find this out? Then ask yourself why was I placed into the support Group? have those conditions changed for the better or have they become worse? I suffer from anxiety and I know how how much worry this horrible assessment system can cause and at times it can be very hard to be logical but it may be two years or longer before you need worry. So ring the DWP and ask how long you were placed into the support group for. This information may take some of the worry away at this difficult time for you. Good luck
  7. That is good news!Watch The amitripyline it can cause problems with falling asleep to early. My friend takes hers about 2-3 hours before she wants to go to sleep. Adjust the time to when you want to fall asleep.
  8. Thats fine, Make sure you send the letters recorded delivery. I will see if I can get you set up with your own thread its less confusing that way.
  9. Better to get his medical secretary. See if they have a fax/email number you can contact them on. Have you asked if you can be on the ward round so that you can act as your fathers advocate? Your father made his wishes know to you! and in his confused state you should represent him.
  10. You need to send the letters in the above post to stop door step callers and telephone calls etc. Keep a record of all calls etc. What debts are they chasing. How old are they? Is there any PPI or charges on the Debts. The more detail you can give the more we will be able to advise you.
  11. Hi, I have been looking through various documents and from what I can understand some of the 2008 regulations still stand and then were incorporated into the changes made in 2011 and 2013. I wonder if there is any one on the forum with more legal knowledge that could confirm this?
  12. Try this document. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/pip-assessment-criteria
  13. There was once a time when if you had mental health problems, members of the family would hide you away due to the social stigma. Today the same stigma is being attached to the unemployed no matter what the circumstances it appears that we never socially evolve to see through to the big picture because its easier to blame a small group for the problems of the whole.
  14. Of course you will be expected to find a job whilst clowning around at the WP/DWP circus.
  15. Seminole, Direct and to the point, Good one.
  16. Well Done, you beat my record by two days. It does make you question the system especially when the information that I included in my appeal was exactly the same as was written on my ESA50!
  17. Seminole, while he is confused and there are possible physical causes the Psychiatric team will not give a diagnosis. When I worked on the wards we would start making plans for discharge almost as soon as the patient was admitted. These plans would change from day to day as more information was gained from occupational/physiotherapy etc, I hope this is the case with your father. The psychiatric team are playing it safe with an emergency placement it gives more time for a full assessment to be made of his care needs etc. When you speak to the consultant you need to pin him down on the cause of your fathers renal failure/confusion, IV antibiotics may be one of many reasons. From your description of your fathers condition he is fail and there could be other reasons for his kidney problems. You need to ask his "named nurse" about discharge arrangements, I.E as he been referred to social services, ask for details about occupational/physio assessments etc, Ask them to write it in the nursing notes that you are to be involved in all aspects of your fathers discharge. As next of kin this is your right. If you have concerns ask the nurse to put them in the nursing notes, ask if these concerns can voiced during the ward round, part of a nurses duties is to be the patients/relatives advocate. By getting them to document your concerns it does not give them wriggle room if your expectation for his discharge are not met. Hope this helps. MM
  18. A revolution needed but will it happen? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-24669382 Judging by the comments in other posts I have my doubts!
  19. I hope your father gets the care he needs and recovers soon. I worked in renal medicine for many years if there is any way I can help let me know. MM
  20. Everytime I think that ATOS/DWP cannot get any worse in their management of cases a story like yours comes along and proves me wrong! Good luck on the appeal.
  21. No you would probably do too good a job! Also you would understand the medical terminology, unlike ATOS who have not got past the "Peter as a poorly finger and it hurts" stage in their development.
  22. If you read around the posts there are a number of people who have been placed in WRAG without medicals, I know a number of people who meet support group criteria who were placed into WRAG, All of which have now won their appeals. These people all included medical reports from consultants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists etc in their original ESA50. It would suggest that Atos is either incompetent to make an assessment from a medical reports or there are other political/financial factors at play .
  23. By the look of it in the non trial areas it will be DLA.
  24. I have been trying to find out. From what can understand if your DLA ends on or after 17 march 2014 in the trial area you go to PIP, In all other areas you will get the DLA renewal form. I have been told that it will be oct 2015 before they start the process of DLA to PIP for me. As anyone any details of what will happen in non-trial areas.
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