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  1. if donald becomes president im just praying that theres a lee harvey oswold copycat out there This is freedom of speech....... Or is it a hate crime?????....inciting murder?????...or wishful thinking???? Depends on your point of view!
  2. My daughter as very strong veiws on recent evenrs i.e bommbing ISIS etc and is very anti war. My wife and daughter became very involved in a heated debate on various issues! At one one point my wife stated "Your Dad fought in the Army" At that point I stated that one of the reasons I joined was to allow my daughter to state her views. My point is that freedom of speech is just that. You may not like it, in fact in may disgust you depending on the issue but to ban an individual or group to impose censorship to opinion is the road to dictatorship.
  3. Thankyou for your reply. My last letter stated I was income based ESA. No my wife could not make a contribution based claim. I am sorry but I do not think I worded my question very well. But I think you have answered it anyway! If my wife applied for PIP as I understand it she would receive her own PIP which would not be effected by the money I received.
  4. I was one of the first people to go through the ESA nightmare. Failed then appealed, placed in WRAG, appealed again finally placed in support group. On DLA awaiting PIP assessment. My wife as two types of Arthritis which over the last two years as forced her to give up nearly all her work. We manage at present but I believe that shortly my wife will need more help than I can give her due to my own physical limitations. Both my wife and I found my experience of the ESA/DLA very stressful. I ended up in hospital with severe mental health problems and my wife is very reluctant to but herself through this herself. As anyone on CAG made a Joint Claims and if they have what are the pitfalls or benefits of doing so?
  5. I received compensation from a DCA for harassment etc, owning to my step sons debts. My step son as not lived with me for 4 years. Have I wrote to I long list of DCAs giving formal notification that he does not live with me and I will consider any phone calls, letters etc Harassment. One debt which the company I received compensation from(which they legally owned) I was told had been totally closed. Today I received a letter from Arrow Globel claiming that that they owned the same debt since 21/12/2012 and that they were appointing Allied International Credit (UK) to manage the debt. They could not have owned the debt since then because the other DCA owned the debt. Nor would the original creditor (orange) have sold then the debt because it is part of a formal complaint I have made against orange who knew that my stepson did not live with me. As anyone any suggestions on how they got this debt because the Original DCA as assured me that the account was sealed.
  6. If the video is to be used as part of group exercise then the advisor would need your permission before using it. He as no right to force you to appear on a video. I do not know your circumstances but if have any MH problems such as an anxiety related or disorder related to image then a formal complaint to the DWP is in order in this case.
  7. At least Jeremy (JC) as started a debate. Middle of the road/PC politics from the labour party have left it dead in the water. JC is not the messiah nor do I agree on most of his polices but at least he shows signs of life. The three corpses who wish to replace the last deadend leader of the labour party would not have an original thought if you put 5,000 volts through them. I fear that no credible opposition will emerge that can challenge the conservatives.
  8. I am all for the freedom of the individual. I just believe that information should be available to the person to be fully aware of risks. In the case of e cigs the lack of real proven results is a concern. As a method of giving up tobacco it is another weapon to help those who want to give up but I cannot see any other benefit.
  9. I make my own wine (not from kits), black cherry brandy and a number of other home made brews. I am not a great drinker but enjoy having a few friends round for a tasting of the wine I produced last year.
  10. CitizenB I agree with the above comment but any serious attempt to ban alcohol would I believe cause more problems. Look a Prohibition in the USA. Its too easy to make your own (I know). Taxing it more would only cause yet another illegal home industry which the police would find impossible to control. When I go out nearly every roll up packet as an EU tax sticker on it. If you increased the price of alcohol then people would either bootleg at home or do booze runs to the nearest EU port.
  11. Thank you for your reply. My wife belongs to a support group and a number of her friends had the same consultant. Two of them have been admitted to hospital due to their condition becoming worse.They now have a consultant after being told that they had no chance before admission. This morning my wife received a letter with an appointment for a hospital nearer than the one we normally visit. I hope that your specialist appointment gives you the result you want.
  12. I agree but unfortunately neither do some of the people who puff away. They buy what is cheap at times without looking at the dose. There are people who say that the ingredients are safe because they contain only food additives but my point is they are food additives not lung additives. They have only been tested to be ingested not inhaled. Who knows what new chronic respiratory disorders we will have in ten years time?
  13. There is no data or research on the long term effects of E-cigs on either the user or the passive inhaler. Nicotine is addictive. It as well known physiological effects on the cardio-vascular and nervous system. I have watched people puffing away for half an hour or more. How much nicotine are these people taking into their system? More than a cigarette definitely. It stimulates the heart and nervous system even in low doses. I am worried that by saying that they are better for you than smoking people will puff away merrily thinking that all is well without thinking about the large doses of a very addictive drug they are taking in.
  14. I was told the insurance company refused to pay out and in court he received a two year ban for dangerous driving but I cannot confirm that.
  15. My Lenovo tablet developed a problem I was not sure if it was software or a hardware problem as at times my Tablet would not do the things I was telling it to do and at times the screen did some very strange things. Still under warranty I rang Lenovo who suggested a factory reset, which I did but the problem remained. They then said that it needed to go to the nearest repair centre which is in Germany. it was picked up and sent via courier. It took three days to get to the centre where it was assessed for one day and is now being processed which as been going on for about 10 days. I keep checking on their website as to the status of my tablet but as of now still no change. I was talking to my friend about my problems and he told me he had a problem with his Dell laptop and that was in Germany for the second time with problems! I cannot work out the economics of sending items to be repaired in Germany! It surely must be a very expensive way of doing the work. Anyone have any idea why they are doing this?
  16. Whilst working in A+E as a student a man arrived following a serious RTA. He was out for the count and the policeman who came in with him could not understand how the accident happened. It was a long straight road, slightly down hill and no other car was involved. A short while later he came round and I asked him what happened to try and find out what forces were involved. He was always loosing his lighter and so his girlfriend brought him one on a key ring which he attached to his car keys. Going down the road he wanted a smoke, so he tried to light up by putting his ciggie through the steering wheel and using the lighter(a very stupid idea) which did not work. He then had a brain wave. I am going downhill (at 60 mph)I will take the car keys out light my smoke while the is car rolling down the hill. Which he did! Unfortunately he had forgotten about the steering lock. which came on put him into a ditch and rolled the car at least three times.
  17. Thankyou Uncle B, I am going to wait and see what response I get from my complaint. Your suggestion will be acted on if I get no joy.
  18. My wife as psoriatic arthritis and is on numerous medications including methotrexate which I inject her with every week. About six months ago her consultant left taking with him his clinical nurse specialist and a number of other staff by the sound of it. The only reason we found out about this was when my wife rang and asked why she had not been sent an appointment. Whos my new consultant?" We cannot give you one because everyone is full and not taking on anymore patients. What about my blood tests? " The nurse will keep an eye on them". What about my pain? "see your GP". My wife went to see her GP due to increasing severe pain. "What do you normally do when the pain gets this bad"? The consultant gives me this treatment said my wife! MMMMMmm, said the Doctor I cannot give you that. Only consultants can authorise that! I will refer you to a consultant. Received a telephone call, "I got an appointment for you in ................" but that is about a 90 mile round trip. That's the best we can do! Will he be my consultant. No She is not one of our consultants. The story goes on and on. Today I have put in a formal complaint. It breaks my heart to do it. I worked in the NHS for many years and I tried every way I could to avoid doing it but I have come to the end of my patience.
  19. Alanalan. The doctor should have ruled out that your back pain was as a result of the problem with your discs. It could be that your severe osteoarthritis may be a factor for your increased pain. I would ask for a referral to a orthopaedic consultant. Pain is natures way of telling you that something is wrong and the Doctor should not ignore an increase of symptoms.
  20. You can make the organ from a pig suitable for human transplant by genetic engineering, However the dangers of cross species disease jumping from pig to human were too great. It was a nice idea for a time but too dangerous.
  21. Garsan, Try noodle I think it is still free, write a letter to talktalk mark it formal complaint at the top, if all else fails email the CEO of talktalk. [email protected] com I received an answer within 4 hours. Write exactly what as happened to you with the advice that as been given. In the first email that Dido sent back to me she said that someone would ring me. Which they did. I was still unhappy and again emailed the CEO stating clearly why they had failed to resolve my complaint. within a short time I was rang by a manager from the CEOs office who told me he know owned my complaint. The matter was very quickly resolved. Your problem at the present time is that until someone uses that information to defraud then there is not a lot you can do except ask the bank to maintain a security watch on your accounts. CPW as lost your Data but I think it will need a court case to prove negligence.
  22. Uncle B, sadly due to the many functions of the kidney and the complexity of the tissues involved I think it will be a lot longer than twenty years before these problems are solved. The cause of renal failure in some cases would stop the transplant anyway because the disease would very quickly destroy the new kidney. A number of years ago when I worked on a renal unit everybody would be by now having a pigs kidney but sadly the risks of cross species infection developing and other issues quickly stopped this. Have worked with kidney patients for many years I have told my family if I die then let them have any bits they want and if it was my daughter she could have one now.
  23. already have looked at credit files etc. CPW will get a slapped wrist from the powers that be and as normal its the rest of us that suffer.
  24. Update on my last my wife rang Natwest (still as an account). They stated that they have been given a list of all customers whose data "may" have been lost. She was then put through to the fraud office. They spoke to me about the telephone calls and as a result have put a watch on her account and have cancelled her card and will issue her another one.
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