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  1. Hello all, Thanks for your help on this. I sent the statute barred and received a series of text messages from barclays saying they were dealing with my 'complaint' with a tracking number which didn't work. They never sent anything responding to the statute barred. Then this month they have been relentlessly calling me from their various debt collection numbers and I haven't answered any of the calls (just looked up the numbers online). Now I have received the below letter. What should I do? Final warning: legal action You have not complied with the terms of the Termination Notice we sent to you. If you fail to pay the amount you owe within ten days You may receive a summons from the county court and a Judgement may be registered against you. An unsatisfied County Court judgement will remain on the Public Register for six years, Most lending institutions search the Public Register when they are considering a request for credit. To recover your debt we may request A Charging Order against your property. Attachment of Earnings we may apply to the courts for an order to take funds direct from your wages. A Debt Collector may also call on you. Unless you pay the full amount immediately we will refer your account to our Legal Department. If this happens, we will register your name, address and details of the default with one of the following Credit Reference Agencies Experian, PO Box 40, Nottingham NG72SW Equifax, Spectrum House, 1A North Avenue, Glasgow G81 2DR Credit Reference Agencies supply factual information to financial institutions to assist with lending decisions, to confirm address details and occasionally to prevent fraud. They do not give an opinion on the financial status of a customer. This may seriously affect your ability to obtain a mortgage or other credit
  2. Thanks! Yes thats correct I have had no interaction. They have also never tried to call me and my phone number has been the same for 15 years.
  3. I apologise in advance for the long post. There are a lot of details to this story! August 2005 I open a bank account with barclays. Its a student account. They try to deliver my bank card one day when I'm out of the house. Because I didn't open the door they removed my address from my bank account and said I don't live there anymore. A few months later they give me a card. In April, I pay around £1500 in rent online using said card. I then go to the bank to pay in £300 cash and get a mini statement. My account is a couple of grand in credit. The machine eats my card. I speak to a man in the bank and he said my card has been reported lost/stolen. I say this is incorrect, its my card. They make me call through to someone who says my card has been confiscated due to irresponsible spending. They ask to speak to one of the cashiers. I hear the lady say 'so its down to my discretion?' And then she cuts my card in two. I then meet with the bank manager. He says in a few weeks they will replace my visa card with an electron. I call a few weeks later to chase my new card. The lady on the phone says 'they don't have to give you a new card. They don't have to do anything, its their account not yours' I stopped using the account, put my money with natwest. From this point I never heard from the bank again. I didn't close the account. Once or twice in 2014 I've had a text from barclays saying 'we need to talk to you about your account' I assumed phishing as there were no identifiers (whereas natwest always put the last 4 digits of acc number) I then get a letter this month saying i am 99.15 over my £200 overdraft and if i don't pay, my overdraft facility will be closed and I will have to return my bank card when I obviously have not been issued one since 2006. The week after they send me an ordinary bank statement as though I was a regular customer. The whole thing is bizarre and I don't know how to proceed. Do I owe them £299.15? Shouldn't it be statute barred? If I do have to pay it, I will but I really don't know how to approach the situation.
  4. As you all know, CFO are the worst. I am trying to pay them in full and close my account but because I cancelled their CPA I can't do it using my debit card. My 'account manager' wants me to unblock them and do the transaction over the phone and they will make me a deal. He says his offer expires today and if I don't pay he'll add £80 to my balance. Here's the funny bit, he didn't make me an offer. I told him how much I was going to pay (the balance on the last email I received a few weeks back) and he sort of just accepted it. He got the figure wrong twice so it obviously wasn't on his computer screen. I do not want to give these idiots any more debit card details because I don't trust them and I also don't trust that Natwest will cancel a CPA quick enough for them to not try to fleece me over the next couple of days once they have my card details. They said bank transfer would take 14 days and they'd add charges in the mean time yadda yadda yadda. I know all payday lenders are crooks but CFO are a bunch of halfwit shysters. In what universe does a bank transfer take 14 days in 2014? They obviously just want my card details but they're not getting them. Some advice, if you hadn't figured it out already do not use their formstack to enter your card details, it is literally just a text form, not a payment system and you're just sending them unencrypted info for them to process manually, which means they can put whatever amount through that they like! Sorry for the rant, here's my real question: Can a CPA be set up on a cash card? I have a cash card for my metrobank account, if I thought it was safe I'd pay with that. I can use it online and in stores but I can't set up any sort of regular payments. But as a CPA is more like a POS transaction would they be able to set one up? If that's a no go, I considered getting a prepaid debit card but I'd need it fairly quickly. Has anyone got any experience with virtual prepaid cards that aren't that expensive (I'd need to load on around £250) Should I just do the bank transfer? I have a feeling they won't close the account and it'll be a big mess.
  5. The interest will be hundreds of pounds, if I try to to pay them back without making a proper agreement I will incur more charges than I pay back.
  6. I apologise if this is in the wrong place: please let me know and I will move it. I have banked with natwest for about 9 years and have two bank accounts, a select account with £50 overdraft and a graduate account with an £1800 overdraft. To cut a long story short, my problem is twofold. Natwest informed me of the following via email: That they are changing the charges on the select account: basically charging for anything and everything they can. £6 Just for USING my overdraft, even though it's an authorised overdraft 19.89% interest on my overdraft balance £6 for any direct debits that bounce £6 PER DAY if my account goes over my agreed overdraft. Furthermore, they have informed me via email that my graduate account will be changed to a select account on december 17th. So I will be charged 19.89% on my full 1800 overdraft unless I pay it all back, which I can't do. Also the only time I ever go over my overdraft is when natwest takes out fees, so basically they cause the problem and then charge me £6 a day for it. In light of this I would like to approach them and explain that the charges, on the graduate-cum-select account in particular are unacceptable and will bankrupt me and I would like to make a payment arrangement to get the overdraft paid off without incurring any further charges. Two months isn't enough notice for me to pay such a large sum of money. I don't want to close the accounts, but I can't afford to have my salary paid in there so I have opened a basic account with another bank which I will have my salary paid into if necessary. However this account doesn't allow standing orders or Direct Debits and I have to pay my rent by standing order, it's in my tenancy agreement. Could anyone help me write a letter to natwest? And does anyone have any experience contesting this sort of thing?
  7. Sorry for commenting on an old thread, please direct me to a better one if this isn't the right place! I have a loan with CFO which I had every intention of repaying but I received a attachment of earnings order (different problem, long story) yesterday which decreases my income substantially. I emailed CFO this morning to let them know I wasn't able to pay and they have sent me a series of unsatisfactory responses and a load of rubbish which I am sure is just some moron making stuff up. The debt is for £210 so I offered them £55 a month for 4 months (which would cover the loan + £10) but they are refusing to accept a payment plan without a month's bank statement and an overly detailed I&E form. I told them this request was in breach of the data protection act, and that I would not comply. I am willing to fill out a basic I&E form (not the one they've provided) but there's no way they're getting their hands on my bank statement. Also, their online payment form does not work and they say that if I pay by bacs it will take 14 days to clear and I will incur charges and interest over that time? I told them in nicer words that that is absolute bullcrap. When they first sent me the bank details they didn't even send me a personal reference for the payment, they only gave me one when I explained that making a payment without a personal reference is equivalent to trying to pay my bills by throwing money in a ditch! Honestly the person responding to my emails can barely write in sentences and is just sending me round in circles. How can I get them to agree to a perfectly reasonable payment plan? I refuse to speak to them on the phone. I keep my money in a savings account so they cannot take it, but I don't want them to start adding charges and calling my workplace etc when I've made a good offer.
  8. Thanks ukaviator, I continued to refuse to speak to them on the phone and demanded they reinstate my payment plan. After a week of fighting I just received this email: Thanks so much for your patience while we were checking your account. Your payment was received and your plan remains in good standing. We really do appreciate you keeping your word. The status of your arrangement can be viewed, and payments can be made anytime, by logging into the ‘my account’ area of our site. To avoid any hiccups, please make sure your debit card information is up to date. If you know of any potential problems, please call us on 0207 138 8331 asap. Best wishes, Collections Team What a change in tone!!! Don't give in to them. If they cancel your plan with no good reason you have every right to get it set back up again.
  9. I had a plan set up too. I made my first payment early with an extra £12.50 on top. I thought this would show willingness to pay. However as I didn't pay on agreed date via cpa they have cancelled my plan and are saying I owe them everything plus the interest I accrued whilst interest was frozen. They are threatening to raid my account for the total amount. This makes little or no sense to me, I refuse to speak to them by phone. The tone of their email is beyond rude and when I have emailed them stating I have clearly paid the money they just send a reply that it would be easier to discuss by phone. This is what I received: We haven’t been able to collect your first instalment, despite our attempts using the debit card you provided and by contacting you. As explained previously, we would have frozen interest on your account when we received your first payment. But as we haven’t received it, this didn’t happen. We`ll cancel your repayment plan from 10pm tonight and try to collect the full balance you owe: £1,311.02. This includes all the interest and fees you would have avoided if you`d kept to your arrangement. Interest will continue to accrue until the full balance is paid. Please get in touch before 10pm to discuss your options. You should also be aware that we’ll be making further attempts to collect the money you owe from your debit card during the course of your loan (up to 120 days past your due date). We will try at first for 80% of the outstanding balance and will continue to attempt to take a payment of decreasing amounts until we successfully collect a payment. If 80% is unsuccessful, we will try 60%, then 40%, then 20%, then 10%. We will never take less than £10. If you have provided us with details of another debit card and we are unable to collect from your primary debit card, we will also attempt to collect payment from the most recently saved card in the same decreasing amounts.
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