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  1. Hi There, I've been there for 3 years - it isn't just one slip up, and sharing information from a fit note is a serious breach of the data protection act. I haven't been receiving full pay for several months - causes of my anxiety and depression are work related. I can't go back if there is no role for me to go to because they haven't made the steps to allow that to happen. I haven't listed everything (it would take up too much time) and really my question was around them wanting to offer me redundancy (and the bare minimum) instead of a compromise agreement. Can they do thi
  2. Hi There, I'm seeking some advice on an issue I'm having with my employer. I have been off sick with anxiety and depression since march - in this time I was also made homeless which my employer was aware of. Occupational Health services advised my employer at the end of June that as long as they created a supported return to work and followed their recommendations I would be ready for a phased return to work by the end of July. The subsequent meetings with my direct line manager was a conversation about why he feels I'm not ready to return back to work, some of the reasons bein
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