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  1. An update. I have received a letter from Marstons today stating they are no longer going to pursue this matter. Thank you all for your help.
  2. I have taken legal advice, And have been advised to send a copy of my Council Tax and include I own everything on the property to the court and to Marstons. Would this be to the Enforcment unit dealing with it or just post to the court and hope it gets to the right people. Also does anyone know which address I use to send to Marstons . I have yet to hear anything from them. Thank you .
  3. Thank you brassnecked, I have just been talking to the court and been told a Stat Dec to say I own everything on the property is useless and not worth having. But they are emailing Marstons to tell them I own everthing, That surprised me.
  4. Thank you Sir Vere for that information, Can't do much till tomorrow. Does anyone know how many times a bailiffs can call on you and how long a distress warrant lasts.
  5. My son still lives down there near the original court, He doesn't have a permanent place at the moment. Because of costs he has been staying a with different family members who have been good enough to put him up. Thats one reason his mail stills comes to my address. He has manage to get a job after a very long time of signing on, There are no jobs where I live so he wants to stay there and get himself on his feet. Hopefully he will find his own place soon now he has a job.
  6. I will get the Stat Dec done tomorrow if the solicitor can fit me in. I assume I send one to the court and one to Marstons. The court that my son attended is 150 miles away from me, So would I send it there and by recorded delivery.
  7. The court said they couldn't do anything. Can my son make a statement of means although a distress warrant is about to be issued and somehow get it put on hold so he can get payments sorted out. Thank you.
  8. Can I go to a solicitor and make a statutory declaration , And send that to them, My nearest court is 20 miles away and I have no transport. Maybe I should add I am a pensioner but not to old and rickety.
  9. Hello and thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. Last year my son recieved a driving ban with a fine of £475. He was ask to wait to make a statement of means. This never happend and after asking several different people was told to go home, Which he did. Because of personal problems ie splitting from partner and spending time on different cousins sofa's the paper work never got to him. On Thursday 1st August a letter for my son came to my address, He has always told me to open his letters incase they are urgent. It was a Further Steps Notice dated 16th July g
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