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  1. My Sky multiroom had both boxes in the same room with the links going to TV's throughout the house. With one SKY+HD box and one SKY+ box. SKY have stopped using the 'thomson' sky + box and according to them now only use the SKY+ HD box. They have recpnfigured their system of sending which means the Thomson box they installed does not now work! They will replace it with a SKY+HD box AND NOTHING ELSE, This would give me two identical boxes in the same location which use the same hand controller and therefore act agaisnt each other and take away all multi room functionality. Only solution they are offering is to put teh second sky box in another room which if ypou think about it still leaves me with teh same problem as the hand controller operates through teh infra red links throughout teh house. My multi room installation has therefore been totally removed and can only operate as a two room facility - SKY seem to be stuck when tehy look at this because they have stopped using a seperate SKY + box. if anyone understands my problem from the above - HELP. I am finding SKY totally unhelpful.
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