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  1. Just been mooching about the forums and came across this snippit. As I was originally paying MKDP and these have been bought out by Hoist - how does it stand with the CCA any point in sending ??? Found this from forum from Jul this year Another One Bites the dust again! Hoist has bought Robinson Way in the past but now it has made advances towards Compello Group European debt purchaser Hoist Finance has acquired Milton Keynes-based debt purchaser Compello Group, picking up a portfolio representing £218m in 10-year Estimated Remaining Collections (ERC), and 178 staf
  2. OK thanks for all your help again I have typed up the CCA to send and will keep you posted
  3. will do. Just one more point if I may What happens if (when) they dont provide the CCA ?
  4. Hi Bazooka Boo, Its already a S/O my error if I said DD. Will cancel S/O to MKDP now thanks for the tip
  5. Thanks Slick will do I havent got all the statements now been a few years so will look at a SAR
  6. The letter I received today says "MKDP LLP has assigned all of its respective rights, titles and interest in respect of the above referenced account etc. (including the outstanding balance) to Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd (HPH2LTD)" Further down the letter it states " HPH2 has appointed Robinson Way Ltd to manage your account". This letter has heading of Notice of Assignment 2nd letter from Robinsons in same envelope states."Thank you for paying your account in instalments, Robinsons Way will be managing your account on behalf of HPH2 Ltd therefore all payments should be made to
  7. Ok thanks again for the advice I will send the CCA off to Robinsons and see what they come back with - sure I'll be back with requests for more advice
  8. Seems strange after paying for so long though. Is this a common thing ?? Sorry .... What could they have spotted ?
  9. Whats reclaiming time ?? Thanks for the advice everyone - will send a CCA form off. just a thought, why would MKDP sell this debt on to this bunch - could it be that it is unenforceable and if it was, they were were getting money each month without question ??
  10. Thanks for the reply. The card was taken out after 2007 unfortunately. Understand the SB now so its not 2017. RE the CCA request, wouldnt the fact I have been paying MKDP be proof of the debt ?? The direct debit Im paying to MKDP should I cancel this or wait to see if I get a letter from them stating they have sold the debt on ?? thanks
  11. At the time I started paying MKDP I didnt ask for CCA request. I admit I owe the money and have been paying the min I can of £10 month. Back then I was a a bit green about DCA. Bit more aware now thats why I asked should I wait till I get confirmation from MKDP. I dont want to contact Robinsons unless I have too The amount is about £4K but Im prepared to pay as little as poss for as long as, I dont care DCA can wait for the money, the little they have bought it for. Happy to carry on paying the £10 but just wondered shouldnt MKDP have contacted me. Not just
  12. Hi All Little bit of advice please. I have received a letteri today from HPH2 Ltd stating an old barclaycard debt I have been paying to MKDP LLP for the last two years has been passed onto Robinsons Way who will now be managing my account. My question is, as I have not received any letter from MKDP LLP confirming this, should I contact Robinsons to arrange to carry on payments or should I wait to hear from MKDP LLP before making contact. Also will my monthly direct debiti be transferred automatically or will I have to set a new one with Robinsons. Dont wan
  13. Hi Annie/Brig. Credit file is dire to be honest but if regular payments made surely they should update files. But if im honest I'd rather they didnt touch it either way now, and leave it as it is.
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