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  1. Thanks, MilkTrayMan & trickyt, for all your input. The threads re FOS route seem to show it as favourable and I am going to give it a go. My claim is for over £5k & small claims limit in N.Ireland is £2k, so my options

    would be to split the claim or bring in solicitor. Hopefully FOS will avoid some hassle.


    Anyway, I rang FOS yesterday morning. Man was very helpful. Gave me

    a ref number and is sedning out forms for me to complete return. They will lodge official complaint with n/wide & I'll post how this progresses.

  2. Thanks again, MilkTrayMan

    I'm sure it's similar for NI Courts


    I've been a bit tentative up to now, but am trying to go for it.

    I've completed the interest spreadsheet which works out the

    interest for each individual charge. I thought I saw a message

    somewhere about other interest which can be claimed. Are you

    aware of this ?


    [i presume that I can only reclaim the default charges and not

    the interest charges on my statements.]


    I wrote on the original prelim letter the total of £5k or so, but I

    was going to claim for most recent £2k on my first LBA. Then, if/when

    successful, I will claim for previous periods. This will allow me to keep

    with Small Claims rather than needing Civil Claim.


    Finally, I sent prelim to local branch & response came from Swindon.

    Should I send LBA to local again or HQ swindon/elsewhere ?

  3. At end of 2006 I sent a DPA letter requesting past 6 years statements, which I duly received.


    Eventually, at end April, I sent a preliminary letter to my local branch in Northern Ireland. The amount was approx £5000 (with a breakdown shown on an attached spreadsheet) plus 8% interest on this amount.


    I got a letter back from Swindon at start of May thanking me for my feedback, giving the "rationale behind their charging policy", and offering some useful tips on how to avoid bank charges.


    I now want to proceed and get money back. (Apparently N/wide don't tend to give in without a fight :-(. I've now realised that I probably shouldn't have sent the spreadsheet with the prelim, and the 8% is on each individual charge not the total, doh.


    As NI small claims is max £2000, I plan to claim for charges from say 2006-current as the 8% interest should bring up to about the max. I take it the £2k has to incl the interest ?


    Any pointers would be greatly apprec.


  4. Hello, all. Finding the forum very interesting.

    I am just thinking about starting the ball rolling with Nationwide by sending a Data Protection Act letter requesting statements for past 6 years.


    Can I ask A few questions ...


    Firstly, do all the DPA letters for Nationwide go to Data Protection Team in Moulton Park, Northampton ?


    Secondly, if it is for a joint account do both parties have to sign the letter ?


    Thirdly, is it best to limit it to 6 years ?


    Sorry for all the questions, but I have been tentative about getting into all this & want to make sure I'm on the right road.


    Best regards.

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