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  1. The default won't vanish until next year. They said I still habe to pay the 5 a month....should i not be?
  2. Hi, This is a continuation of this thread. In 2016 I received a letter from this creditor stating that they had incorrectly applied interest to the loan and were reviewing it. Last year they sent me a letter stating that they consider the debt unenforceable and would I like a correction notice applied to my credit file. I accepted and a correction has been added. I am still paying this through AP of £5 pm to PR Group. This loan has caused me nothing but bad luck. The PPI I took out to cover me for illness didn't, I went on to minimum payments in Feb of 2011. They then redressed the PPI which they paid on to the loan and said that this was classed as a payment. I was still told however to continue with the AP of £5 during that period. In 2012 the loan went back to being in arrears (PPI Payment had been eaten up). Finally in 2013 they defaulted me. I am still in default for another year. Now they have incorrectly applied the interest.. .Do I have any kind of case to go to the Ombudsmen to ask that the date of default be put back to 2011? I really want my credit to be performing as I would like to by my own home. I am 40 next month and this has been going on for 7 years now! Thanks in advance
  3. But this one still has another 2 years to run! This has been my point all along. NW defaulted me much later than the other creditors even though I defaulted all 3 at the same time. Now NW are saying the debt is unenforceable. ..Firstly what does this actually mean? I assume i still owe the money bit they can't chase me in court. Secondly does the default still stand?
  4. Ah one is an overdraft the other a credit card Both of which drop off my cf this year What I am wondering is, if NW are saying that the debt is unenforceable then how can they also say that I am a defaulter?! How can I default on an agreement if they are saying that the agreement is void? anyone?
  5. Sorry I don't know what you mean
  6. But it is not a debt management company it is a debt advisor charity
  7. Yes sorry currently trying to upload it Here is the letter. A bit of background. Loan was taken out in 2004. Account went into arrears in January 2011 but default was not issued until 2013. I have sent letters protesting the late default but got nowhere. Out of the blue last January they sent me a letter saying they were reviewing charges to the account. Late last year they sent another letter saying they had set charges that were wrong and refunded me the charges (no compound interest or anything). Now this letter has arrived. I am really not sure what this letter is saying. I currently pay this debt on a debt management plan. All advice welcome nationwide.pdf
  8. Hi can anyone advise me on this letter from Nationwide. I have had numerous fights with them about the date of the default. Now they have sent this letter but I am not sure what it means nor where I stand
  9. Hi this has been a long running thread that I need a little more advice on. The situation is that Nationwide issued a default on my account in Feb 2013. Having looked at my CRF and raising a SAR I have figured out exactly what happened: January 2011 - I contacted NW to inform them I was seriously ill and had been made redundant on medical grounds. They agreed £5 monthly token payment for a 12 month period February 2011 - Started monthly payment of £5 May 2011 - Applied for PPI redress on account September 2011 - PPI redress applied to the account including interest that Nationwide recorded as a cheque payment to the account - At this point they said that the account was once again performing, although I was still making the £5 minimum payment (?) February 2012 - PPI money runs out on the account and Nationwide say the account is once again defaulting. I continue to make the £5 minimum payment February 2013 - Nationwide issue a Default to my credit file December 2014 - Write to Nationwide saying that the Default date is unfair and not a true reflection of the account January 2014 - Nationwide write back. In the first paragraph they say that the default date is fair as I was making the full payments to the account for 6 months between September 2011 and February 2012. I asked Nationwide what the cheque payment on my account was for in September of 2011 as I had no means of paying the account. There answer in paragraph 2, we paid the cheque into your account for interest from PPI on your loan. I never made any more than £5 token payment since February 2011 but they default me 2 years later... .I am really struggling to see how this is fair or allowed. How can I be struggling to pay, they are told by the ombudsman to repay PPI but use it to prolong my punishment for not paying the debt. If I have to give up on this fight then fine, but I really feel that I have been treated unfairly. Any advice? Thanks
  10. I have put this letter together: Since making that above agreement with you, my circumstances have not changed. I can still only afford the agreed sum of £5 per month which I have faithfully been paying you for the past 12 months. In view of my circumstances, please would you agree to continue the payment plan of £5 per month for the next 12 months? Should my circumstances improve I will contact you again. In the meantime I will continue to make the £5 monthly payment. Thank you for your assistance, I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Any thoughts?
  11. Hi I am in a DMP with IDEM and I have received a letter from them asking me to contact them as my arrangement to pay has expired. I really do not want to call them and go through an I&E as my circumstances have not changed with regards to my ability to pay. Does anyone have a sample letter that I can use to send to them to say that I wish my payments to remain the same? Thanks as always for your invaluable help
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