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  1. Just to update anyone who has been following this and to be fair to E and L I just wanted to confirm they have paid up in full. It was actually all quite hassle free. Perhaps I jumped the gun in coming on here but I was fearful after the scare stories I had heard. My dog continues to thrive and I just hope I don't have to make any more claims! Thanks for all the advice and input
  2. Ok, so it looks like it's good news. Just got an email from E&L saying "with regards to your email, I can confirm that we have completed assessment of your claim. Please be advised that your claim has now been passed for payment and your payment shall be drawn up shortly."
  3. Just got an email from E&L. They are adding another exclusion to my next policy and can you guess what it is...... "Following the assessment of information recently submitted to our Claims Department, we will be placing an exclusion on your policy: With effect from 11/09/2013 cover for gastric torsion, dilation and bloat This amendment to your cover is designed to exclude the re-occurrence of an illness or disease." Is this normal behaviour from pet insurance companies? If you claim for a particular injury/illness they exclude it from your next policy so you cant claim again? Oh and still no word on my initial claim...
  4. Thanks for the input guys. The vet hospital and my local vet practice have both been very helpful and understanding in relation to payment. I have explained I have a claim being processed with E&L. When the lady in the vet hospital heard I was insured with E&L her sarcastic response was "oh fabulous" so they understand they may have to wait a while for payment. Both have offered to help in any way necessary with whatever hoops E&L make me jump through. My vet in my local practice did say he would write a letter for me to say he doesn't recommend annual boosters. He also said my dog has had a general health check each time he has been in for any reason so I should be covered.
  5. Thanks again for the input guys. So, my dog got his health check and vaccination yesterday afternoon. I was able to explain the insurance situation with the vet who seemed to think they were just going through the motions. He said he cant see how they could not pay up. He did say it would probably drag on for a while but they should still pay in full. I will update here when I have more information
  6. That's what I'm thinking. I am taking him for a health check and vaccination this afternoon which falls within the "every 12 months".
  7. The current policy is due for renewal on the 15th of this month. I don't think I will be renewing but worry this will affect my current claim... E&L did mention in the policy that there were new exclusions applied.The wording is "Policy review for your pet - Please read carefully - Important changes enclosed" Then on page 4 theres a full page of bullet points outlining exclusions that have been applied to the policy and one right at the bottom says "Your pet must have a general health check and any subsequent Treatment recommended by the vet every 12 months" I haven't been able to speak to my vet personally, only the veterinary nurses who have told me all dogs should get a vaccination every year but there is no mention of this in my previous policies over the years (This was only added to my 2012-2013 policy) so surely E&L cant NOT process my claim due to these medical history gaps?
  8. Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments and that's a great point you make dacouc. E&L are asking for my dogs past 3 years clinical history. They are saying they cant process the claim until they can fully substantiate the 3 year history. The problem is that the history provided to them has gaps between feb 09 and Oct 11 where my dog was not seen by any vet for any reason as he was in perfect health and I was not aware he should be getting routine health checks or vaccinations. I have told E&L I don't think I have any evidence of him having attending any vet during these dates but they want me to confirm this is writing and to provide a copy of his vaccination card. I don't have a vaccination card as he has not been vaccinated since he was a pup...My concern is that if I confirm this with them in writing they will say find some way of wriggling out of settling the claim, but as you say dacouc they cant impose a restriction for things which did or not happen before renewal so that has put my mind at ease. Thank you! I have now booked my dog in for a routine health check and vaccination next week which is before the policy expires in 2 weeks time so they cant try to wiggle out of anything else!!
  9. Hi guys. Sorry to revive this old thread. I am horrified reading through your experiences but I am looking some advice in relation to E&L Insurance. My Border Collie dog has been insured with E&L for almost 7 years and so far so good. I even made a hassle free claim 2 years ago when my dog jumped onto a stick open-mouthed and pierced his throat. Thankfully he made a full recovery and E&L paid up with no questions asked. However, 4 weeks ago my dog suddenly started showing signs of discomfort. He was wimpering, having difficulty standing and oddly digging holes in the garden! I knew there was something wrong so I got him straight to out of hour vet hospital. To cut a long story short, he had somehow managed to steal and gorge himself on leftovers from a BBQ. Turns out his stomach had expanded so much with food and gas that it had twisted and was crushing his organs. The vet got him in for emergency surgery to empty his stomach contents, untwist it and attach it to his abdomen to prevent future twists. Thankfully he has made a remarkable recovery and is now back to full health. The vet bill was in excess of £2000 of which I paid £1000 on the morning after surgery in the hope I could claim this back and get the outstanding balance paid by E&L. This is where I am having some issues. E&L are saying in order to process my claim they need to see evidence that my dog has had routine health checks every 12 months for the past 3 years (a clause they only added to my policy this year and which I hadn't noticed among the other terms and conditions). Unfortunately he has not had routine health checks every 12 months and as such I have no evidence.I have told E&L I dont think I can get this evidence as I am not sure if he has had routine health checks (I was deliberately being vague with them.) They are now asking for confirmation in writing that he has NOT had routine health checks and want me to send a copy of his vaccination card. Again, perhaps I have been ignorant but I was not aware my dog should have vaccinations every year and therefore I dont even have a vac card. Sorry for rambling on a bit but my question is,if I admit in writing to them that my dog has not had routine health checks or vaccinations will my policy be void and as such not liable for a claim? Do I have a leg to stand on or can E&L legally not pay out? Does anyone have any advice as to how I should approach this? my dogs injury was in no way related to whether or not he had routine health checks or vaccinations so can they wiggle out on this technicality? I am stressing as the vet bill has left me in financial straits and with a hefty balance still owing! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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