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  1. Despite the initial positive response from 'Gerry', 6weeks later I am no nearer getting rid of Scottish power out of my life.I have now been able to switch my gas but despite giving them accurate meter readings for both electric and gas they sent estimated bills for both, after 4 emails sent without response they said they would resend them, as per the correct readings. Received the gas one straight away, over 2 weeks later am still waiting for the electric. Sent 3 more emails overthe last week and not one response. Got home Friday to find they have referred us to a debt collection company for
  2. Thank you for your replies - Gerry, I have emailed you, Caro - I can't get trhough to them to set up an account that I can service online unfortunately!
  3. Hello Does anyone have anysuggestions for contacting Scottish Power? I moved into a new house that they provided atthe start of June - attempted to try and call them to give meter readings without success, being kept on hold, so waited a couple of weeks until my landline was installed so it would cost me less. Several attempts later, being kept on hold for over half an hour at a time and being passed between sales, new accounts and meter readings whenever I did get through to someone I gave up and proceeded to start a switch to EON - which I had always intend
  4. Hello. My car got damaged by flooding (in a car park) last week and has been confirmed as a total loss; my insurance have advised I would be liable for the excess as ''they can't claim it off the weather'', however, I don't see why I should be liable as it wasn't my fault - can anyone advise if this policy is standard or if there is anything I can do? Thanks
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