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  1. none of the creditors will be intersted in chasing him for his share as they have a patsy who will pay. So while he may not owe her directly, she DOES have to pay his share and he is in a position to pay it
  2. HI, My daughters ex has left her in a heap of debt - rent arrears, housing and tax credit overpayments etc - she has taken out an iva for quite a bit of the other `joint` debt but the ones she`s stuck with are leaving her struggling. The boyfriend is now working a fairly well paid job and is living the life of Riley, pays whatever he feels like toward the upkeep of his son and nothing at all toward his joint debts. Could she take a ccj against him? - I think the threat would be enough to make him cough up but we need to know if it`s advisable. Thank you for your time
  3. If there is no signed credit agreement, what document will be produced to show my legal obligation to the debt?
  4. It was for an overdraft - I sent a CCA to the OC back in 2009 and heard nothing, so put the account in dispute.
  5. After receiving court papers for an alledged debt, i sent off the acknowledgement slip back to the court and a cpr 31 to the solicitors dealing with it - they received it on the 14th and i`ve had no reply. What is the next step? Thanks in advance
  6. That didn`t go well - they want over 80% and bank statements showing all my comings and going
  7. Oh ok cheers, is there a record of them accepting such low offers - i certainly hope so as i`ll struggle to raise that much dates are 24-8-9 to 22-9-9
  8. Ok thanks - what would be the best way to make the offer - phone, email, letter?
  9. Thank you CitizenB - I was just trying to find the instructions for it - fingers crossed [ATTACH=CONFIG]46761[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46761[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46761[/ATTACH]
  10. This is the default notice I received, just had another letter off bw saying that i have until the 14th now - I pretty much up a creek though as regards making much of an offer, I`m not working atm as the result of an operation and am unlikely to be again until spring and my wife only works part time [ATTACH=CONFIG]46759[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46760[/ATTACH]
  11. I received a hand delivered SD on Monday from BW legal in respect of a debt to HBOS for an overdraft of £5k. It dates to 2009 when I was made redundant, I was also moving home at the time and despite notifying them of my new address, a lot of the paperwork was lost between the 2 houses and my notoriously poor record keeping. I got in touch with National Debtline and filled in the income expenditure forms and sent them off to my creditors along with a begging letter appealing to their better nature(you live and learn). As I had only dole to survive on at the time I couldn't offer more than a token payment which was rejected out of hand. I was lurking this site at the time find a course of action and so i sent them a cca request (along with the fee) which they ignored but cashed the postal order(i still have the receipt and cca request). After the 14 day time limit, I sent off the `account in dispute` letter also ignored(they were posted to the branch's mailbox by hand, by me, so I know they received them and a few weeks later received a default notice. So that and the odd statement were all the communication I ever had off them. I ignored all the threats since and it did go quiet for a couple of years but in may it started again, I just thought it was more of the same until the SD was delivered.
  12. Hi all, I signed up for an account at a company who are agents for a large bottle gas supplier. I paid in cash both times that i used them. I`m now being chased for one of the payments made in cash as it was added to my account(in error? I don`t know) but can`t find the receipt as it was so long ago. I spoke to the main supplier who say that` it`s up to me to chase the their system to find the payment. It`s only for 20 odd pound but i`m loathed to pay twice for something that I know I have already paid for. Advice please, Thanks in advance.
  13. I had the same cca/application sent when a cca`d coop in 2009 then put the account into dispute. Early this year i was informed the account was sold to a dca and told them the account was in dispute. they returned it to coop who have now written to me disputing my dispute. What is my next step?
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