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  1. Hi guys! ...can anyone give me some up to date advice on the current situation re: permitted work whilst on ESA (IR). I know all about the hours you can do/earnings limit...etc....my major concern is all the horror stories I've read (albeit quite outdated!) about ESA being automatically suspended when you request the PW1 form! Unfortunately I'm not physically fit enough to cope with full time work for the foreseeable future, but would love to do something part-time as not working at all is driving me demented!!! There is a possible opportunity for me to do 15 hrs office-based work, which would be due to start in a couple of weeks (if I pass the interviews, lol)....so hours and earnings meet the current criteria for PW...however, there is no way I can afford to lose my ESA in the interm...even if it does get backdated later on...as I have a child to support also!....Can anyone advise what the current situation is?
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