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  1. There is no insurance. The screen was damaged months ago. The charging problem started much later and gradually got worse and worse, not normally a symptom of traumatic physical damage. I can't think of a physical way a key on the screen could affect the charging logic circuitry.
  2. 11 months ago I took out a contract via Phones4U with Orange for a Galaxy Note. Shortly afterwards I closed the cover on a bunch of keys in my pocket, causing a crack on the edge. OK my fault, my problem. A month ago, the phone "thought" it was charging when it wasn't even plugged in, causing it to light up in the middle of the night and drain the battery. Also the charging started getting worse and worse, eventually it was so bad that just surfing with it plugged in would drain the charge in 2 hours. I tried different chargers. In the end switching it off and leaving it to charge overnight gave it only 24% charge. I returned the phone to the Phones4U shop to be repaired under the 24 month warranty. I then received an extimate for £120. I telephoned the Repair Centre who aid that was for repairing the screen. They tried to explain that the cracked screen voided the warranty but paying the £120 would put it back in warranty. I read the Terms & Conditions and fair enough, the warranty does not cover repairs to damage or defects caused by physical damage. Fair enough, I don't want the physical damage repaired. Many many phone calls and visits to to the shop ensued, The phone has now been returned "as the repair centre was unable to contact me". I am peeved off on 2 counts:- 1) I resent them trying to force me to pay for a service I don't want. 2) They are trying to get out of honouring the warranty. It is over 6 months but I believe the phone is not fit for purpose; it doesn't make calls, receive calls, surf the internet or play music etc reliably now for more than a few minutes. All I am getting is that the warranty is void. I must say that the charging problem is not caused by any physical damage. Any suggestions where to take it now?
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