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  1. Back in 2014 I agreed a payment plan with British Gas for monthly payments of £40 and £30 for our gas and electric. This continued successfully until April when I asked (as I had missed the previous months payment) if I could increase payments to £50 each per month. I was told that I couldn't as my plans were cancelled as they had not received payments. I had also been told (I hadn't) that I needed to increase payments to £140 and £80 per month. I have an email stating that on 9.4.14 I owed £852.71 for gas and £466.49 electric. At this point it was too late and to try and resolve as BG made us have payment meters added. We agreed £5 per week for both utilities would be taken. Fast forward to January this year I thought I would ask if we could go back to direct debit payment credit meters. I emailed to request this. I have an email from 18/1/2016 which states "I confirm from our records there is no outstanding balance on your Gas or electricity accounts." I was told I would need a credit reference search done with experian and because I know my credit history is poor, I did not pursue this further. We are now selling our house today I emailed BG just to clarify there are still no amounts outstanding. I was therefore shocked to receive a reply saying that I owe £833.07 for gas! Our boiler was not working for a part of this year but even so I cannot believe in 2 years 5 months I have only paid off £19! Apart from the fact I was told in January there was no outstanding debt!! Am I within my rights to ask BG for a statement of account showing all payments made?
  2. Hoping you can give me some advice please. We have been with British Gas for years. Last year I arranged a repayment plan with them to pay £40 and £30 a month for gas and electric as we are financially struggling. At the end of March this year I forgot to make the online payment. On the 10th April I asked if it would be acceptable to make the payment on the 25th April and I would be able to increase this to £50 each for the gas and electric. I was told this was not acceptable to the outstanding high balance on each account (app £800 gas £400 electric). I emailed again asking for someone to help with this but no reply. On the 24th April I received 2 letters form resolvecall (dated 25.4) demanding payment and that if no payment made a Warrant of Entry would be made to either replace meter or disconnect meter. I also have received letters from British Gas advising Notice of Disconnection. What do I do? I dont want people turning up at the house. Can I move my gas and electric supply to another company? I dont really understand how utilities work. All I know is Im really worried. It seems ludicrous that British Gas allowed me to set up this payment plan then within 2 weeks I have been cut off. Will I lose my gas and electric? Hope to hear from someone.
  3. Here's my complaint to them. Would this be ok please? Dear Sir/Madam, Ref: I write with reference to my account which I understand has been transferred to Debt and Revenue Services debt Collection Agents. At the time of taking out my account the amount was £194.25. This debt has now increased to £309.05. However in a letter received by D&RS I note they are willing to accept £231.79. My issue is that I have endeavoured to contact yourselves since November. I experienced problem after problem trying to set up log in details with my passwords not been recognised. On the18th November*I emailed to ask if it were possible to defer my repayment due to my finding £600 for student fees. This was agreed to by email and deferral approved the same day. On 23/12*I received an email stating the balance was now £254.57. On the*30th December**I tried to log on to my account and could not - 5 emails registering passwords that did not work were received. I emailed asking to negotiate a repayment. I also asked for the Continuous Payment Authority to be cancelled due to my mortgage and bill direct debits being returned. I received a reply from yourselves agreeing to cancel the CPA BUT no mention of negotiating a repayment plan. On 8/1/14 I emailed AGAIN asking to negotiate a repayment plan. A reply saying the CPA had been cancelled was received stating I needed to ring yourselves to agree a plan. 10/1/14 email received stating overdue account. 11/1/14 I replied asking again WHY can this not be done via email? The same day a reply was received stating I need to ring. 14/1/14 I emailed stating due to my working hours it is not possible to call. I again OFFERED £50 per month repayment. Again the only reply received was your office opening hours for me to call. On the 27/1/14 I even increased my offer in an effort to resolve this. I explained AGAIN I could still not log on to my account , that I need to communicate via email and offered to repay £100 per month wef 25/2. In reply I received a Final Notice before Account Transferred. At this point I starting seeking legal advice. On 27/2 I note the balance is now £309.05 and I received an email saying the balance had been transferred to DRS.* On 8 March I received a letter from DRS stating that they are now acting for you. They have me 3 options: pay £309.05 within 21 days. Pay £232.79 in full and final settlement in 10 days. Pay 3 monthly payments of £103.02. Since the £232.79 seems more reasonable due to the original amount of the loan, I offered to pay £31.79*on 14/3/14, then £100*on 25/3/14*then £100*on 25/4/14. Immediately I received an email saying "I can hold the settlement till the*31st March*only sorry." So I queried that if the letter, dated 5/3/14 said I had to pay in 10 days that would mean by the*15th March*and yet they had offered to extend*until 31st March. Surely therefore they could extend a few weeks longer? My reply was "I am sorry but that would be the most I could spread it to." So this seems ludicrous that you would rather receive payments of £10 per month than agree to what my legal team have said is a more than reasonable offer. * I am now forwarding this complaint to the FOS and relative associates (OFT and Trading and Standards). You have not tried to assist me in any way since December 2013. You agreed to defer my loan by email but could seemingly do nothing else to help me. I have made offers of repayment several times but you have not responded to them.* Until you come to a reasonable compromise over this I see no point in wasting MY time and what little money I have left over in asking for help when it is not forthcoming. A court of law would come to the same conclusion should this be progressed that far. So in summary my offer is: £31.79*on 14/3/14 £50*on 25/3/14 £50*on 25/4/14 £50*on 25/5/14 £50*on 25/6/14 With no further interest or charges to be added and written confirmation from yourselves that this is in FULL and FINAL SETTLEMENT of the account. Yours faithfully Sent from my iPhone
  4. I stupidly took a loan with WDA in Nov 13 for £194.25. However, with Christmas and other problems, I did not make repayments. However, I have tried and tried to log into my account with them to renegotiate however I could never do so and was always redirected to change my password which I then did and then never worked. I emailed on the 15/11, the 18/11, 23/11 with no reply. I emailed again 30/12 no reply. I emailed again on 2/1/2014 telling them that I am unable to set up my account and have asked for help and have not had a reply. I asked someone to EMAIL me to set up a repayment plan of £25 per month. I didnt receive a reply until 11/1 saying I had to phone a set number. I immediately replied asking why this could be done via email. Again no reply. On 27/1 I emailed again saying why cant someone deal with this, rather than being told I need to ring up. Again I specifically said I cannot log into my account at all and offering (an increased) amount of £100 per month. The same day I received an email back: "Final Notice Before Action: We sent you several emails providing you witht he opportunity to contact us and make a suitable arrangement for the repayment of your loan yet the debt still remains outstanding. Blah Blah Blah" Needless to say, they didnt reply to my email and lo and behold on 27/3 they emailed to say my account is now being handled by Debt Revenue Services who are acting on their behalf. oh good I thought, now we can sorted. I received a letter from DRS in the week (dated 5th march) advising that the balance due is now £309.05. My options,. they advised were: 1. Pay full amount of £309.05 within 21 days (Please note that a holding payment (amount negotiable) will be required now in order for us to hold action pending payment. 2. Pay a reduced sum of £231.79 in Full and Final Settlement if you are able to pay within 10 days. 3. Pay the balance in 3 monthly payments of £103.02. Great, I thought if they are prepared to offer a lower amount (actually still more than the original amount I took out) then surely they will let me do it if I offer to clear in instalments over the next 6 weeks they surely would? So I offered £31.79 to be paid on the 14/3, then £100 on the 25/3 and £100 on 25/4. Immediately I got an email back saying "I can hold the settlement till the 31st March only sorry?" (lovely grammar). I replied then that surely she could go back to WDA if the proposal cannot be accepted? The letter stated the offer was only if I could pay within 10 days which as the letter was dated 5th march would mean payment being sent by the 15th march. She had stated that she would extend it to the 31st March so surely she could do it for a few more weeks? My immediate replay was ""I am sorry but that would be the most I could spread it to." So what do I do? Im fed up with WDA but surely this DRS should accept my proposal as its better than getting £10 a month?
  5. OK I am getting confused. Both my husband and I have accounts with capital One. I negotiated payment plans and was successful with mine offering £10 per month. However for some reason they wouldn't accept the same for my husband, despite sending and I&E form showing we could not afford more. Then he received a letter from Cougar asking for urgent contact. Phone calls started which I did not answer. I emailed several times offering £10 per month - emails were never acknowledged, however, letters were then received stating that the proposal was completely unacceptable. Yesterday, another letter was received saying they were disappointed "reasonable proposals" to clear the debt had not been made and that, unless payment is made to Credit Solutions Limited, the account may be returned to Capital One Bank (Europe) for further action... .. Is that usual? Why return the account back to them? I thought they would then start threatening visits etc?? Any advice on how to deal with this?
  6. Just had the exact email from Thursday from QQ - cant accpet any other form of payment...shall I tell them I will be doing what you suggest?
  7. Is there anyone online who can help me complete the CIS form please?!?!?
  8. Just wanted to update you on my QQ fiasco. After telling me £15 was not acceptable, I fired off my emails to OFT and FOS (awaiting responses for both). Likewise I told QQ I was reoffering £15 per month and asking again for a full statement showing how the amount had jumped so high, and asking for name of Complaint manager. Their reply that evening was to email saying they needed to have my account details for monthly repayments. That they only accepted Bank account for direct debits, debit card, or cheques. They did NOT accept standing order payments and would not provide a sort code and account number to make payments into!!!!. Wednesday, I emailed banck saying I had not even asked for this information! Well Wednesday evening, another email and lo and behold a payment plan offer: The amount was back to £194.24 from £285.38 and finally offering £14.94 a month over 12 months! HOORAH! So I have today emailed saying I would like to accept this offer; however I really want confirmation this is the FULL and FINAL settlement amount. I also notified them that my bank doesnt allow DDs or cheques and I dont have a debit card as my account has run badly over the last year..So now wait to hear what they say!! So I am feeling slightly victorious that I stood my ground. Fingers crossed I will get there!!
  9. Just an update: Tuesday: another email advising loan is severely overdue. Wednesday I email to say I simply cannot afford repayments they offer of £65 over 3 months. Asked for name of complaints manager as they have not read my I&E form as they would have seen that £65 was unaffordable.They have not responded to my request to freeze interest and charges. They have not responded to my request to contact through writing only (I have started receiving texts and phone calls from USA now). Told them I was reporting them to the FOS and OFT. Thursday: receive a text to say if no contact account will be passed to a 3rd party. I send email of Wednesday again.Almost immediately I receive a reply back saying "Your account is currently 90 days past due and subject to third party collection activity, We received your email regarding your loan and your situation has been noted. While you are more than welcome to call in (!) or post payments of £15 per month to reduce your balance, we are unable to set up a confirmed payment arrangement for that amount. Collection procedures will continue until an acceptable payment arrangement is made." Friday: receive one email saying they are sorry im experiencing financial difficulties at this time and are more than happy to assist.Following the email I should have received a "hardship form" which needed filling out and returning. I never received this form! Later the same day, receive another and HALLELUJAH!!!!! They agree to a repayment plan of £26 per month over 1 year. Great! I think until I read closer ... in 2 days the balance has jumped from £194.24 to £285.38!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG what are they doing?? Just as I think Im getting somewhere! So ANOTHER email is on its way to them. Its draining!
  10. sorry I realise image is too small will try again this evening when home from work
  11. Wow am quite surprised I emailed Sunday morning for a full breakdown and by Sunday evening had received this reply. My original correspondence started with them on 18th July when a repayment plan was asked for due to financial difficulty. Im attaching their breakdown of the loan
  12. After my ongoing problems with Wonga they finally agreed to my repayment offer of £25 per month. However, calculating the outstanding amount of £662.85 I wondered how much the debt had increased... However, when I now log onto my account, I notice that any history about the loan has disappeared. All I am able to access online are my repayment plan dates and amounts... Thankfully looking back through my paperwork I found a screenshot of this: Original amount of loan: £450.00 Interest: £643.90 Transmission fee: £22.00 Charges: £30.00 - Payments made: £483.05 Balance: £662.85 I have no idea if they have frozen the interest from when my lengthy battle to request a repayment plan or kept adding it. Am I liable to pay all the interest they have charged, or should I query this further?
  13. thanks for the advice - off to find details for the OFT and notify them
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