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  1. Don't have the time or the inclination to contact you. You are in a customer service business and you only get one chance with this customer. I don't see what you could possibly say to explain the actions of your staff. They saw a chance to sell a tyre for £149 instead of providing a repair for around £20. I will probably need new tyres in about one year from now so you lose a £600 sale to Halfords who will get my business in future. Don't bother to reply to this. Good bye.
  2. I got a slow puncture in a rear tyre on my Corsa and took it to KwikFit. They found a large nail in the middle of the tyre and took the tyre off to repair it. The guy then told me that the tyre could not be repaired because I had been driving it flat which I hadn't. He then quoted me £149 for a replacement tyre. The car has 10,000 miles on the clock so the tyre was almost as good as new with a full tread etc. I asked him to put the spare wheel on the car and to put the wheel and damaged tyre into the boot. I then drove round to Halfords Auto Centre who examined the tyre and told me that it was a perfectly good tyre and that it would cost £19 to repair.
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