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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, I understand that now, took a while!!! So if the PPI loan stays on my account for 25 years, am I right to expect compensation for that too? Is there a calculator anywhere to help me work out what I should expect to aid any arguments or queries I might have?
  2. So far we've paid approx £3000 of PPI to Firstplus, if we get anything like that back then we could pay that off our balance, But I'll still be paying the loan and interest on £5506.20 PPI for another 20 years? Surely if it was mis-sold it has to stop and completely come out of the equation once paid out?
  3. Sorry for the title but I've had all I can take from Firstplus and their unprofessional staff now!!! We originally took out a loan in 2008, which was set-up through the now extinct "Loanmakers". We were told we had to have PPI and in our financial situation I couldn't argue it, although I did not want it. The details: Original cash loan amount: £38000 Original PPI loan amount : £5506.20 Original fees amount: £995.00 Original total loan amount: £44501.20 Original loan agreement date: 15/08/2008 Agreed loan term: 25 years and 0 months Annua
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