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  1. There was no application form as such. I was approached by a recruitment agency as the type of work I do is fairly specialist. I received an offer of employment subject to pre-employment checks, gave copies of my passport & utility bills and then signed my line on the contract. A few days passed and I received the contract back signed by the company. It appears that it is company specific rather than some FSA guidelines. I have no dealings with any finance or customer data so hopefully it shouldn't be an issue. I've openly admitted to having financial hardship in the past on
  2. Hi, I started working for a large energy supplier on the 3rd June 2013, on the 3rd July I received an email asking me to complete some pre-employment checks, which I found strange considering both myself and the company signed my contract of employment in May. I have a poor credit history and can almost guarantee that I will fail a Credit Check, which they are carrying out on me. Where do I stand on this if I do indeed fail the check and I lose my job? I am still in my probationary period with the company, but whilst there has been no performance issues, I feel they may use
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