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  1. so what should i do then? just recieved a letter in the post off bank saying they have stopped cpa for wonga and if any payments get taken in the next 90 days will be promptly refunded , just need to stop this interest now
  2. letter to bank is on my first page and letter to payday loan company on the second page! make a thread someone will help you soon enough!
  3. too get back on track how should i now go about this politely?
  4. they have no right to such personal information, please make a thread here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?332-Wonga-and-associated-companies people will help you as soon as they can!
  5. no worry jump on board! to start with if you have no agreement because of not havin offered payments for repayment, then simply stop paying your wonga loan payments and right out a letter (the template is on my first page for getting interest frozen, also send this letter to [email protected] there are a few more email address's you cans end it to if you look, why should u be making payments iff no payment plan exists?
  6. what about interest not being frozen? (really want to stop interest before it gets out of hand!) whats an i and e form?
  7. i have already taken letter to bank they have stopped all transactions, couldnt find wonga but they said if anything happens with my card it will be reimbursed as i have the letter stamped etc..
  8. i have already sent them a request to cancel cpa but have not listened
  9. im sorted with bank just not safe to use its in my best interest to get this wonga sorted out and frozen before they start charging me redicolous amounts of fees and interest because i am today on the due date!
  10. barclays account still active but not safe with wonga cpa in place
  11. yes only child tax credits and child benefit, reaslistically i dont even have an income to be paying any bills now
  12. wonga sent me a message saying that the bank refused and my balance of account is not in the red plus i sent email asking wonga to stop cpa too! looking at my incoming and going bills what would you ask to repay wonga a month?
  13. what am i to do? i only have £70 a week comin in which leaves me looking like this tv license £3.50 a week water rates £8 a week fines £5 a week have no control taken straight from benefits hmrc debt £10 a week have no control taken straight from benefits electriciy £10 a week gas £10 a week £46.50 in bills and £23.50 a week to buy food and pay wonga, what do i do in this letter please help?
  14. can you give me some wonga email addresses to send these too please?
  15. i was suprised how well my bank handled this today i took the templated letter with me, she cancelled all my direct debits straight away and stamped n signed my letter and wrote on it direct debits cancelled, also she said she could not find the wonga cpa but phoned cat and they couldnt see it too, wrote on letter if they attempt to take money out of my account to contact the cat(continuos authorisation transfers?) straight away so they can see where they are trying to take money, i now have no monies being put into my account(using post office card account now) to anyone else who might find i
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