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  1. It's a long story ... I have this local HSBC account since I was a child and actually my mum is helping me handling this account. After I moved back, what I do every month is working and get paid into this account then transfer 3 quarters of my earning to my parents. The remaining balance is only enough for my basic living.. If I opened another bank account then my parents will definitely find out my mess. I really cannot let them heartbreak again as there was another sad story before I left UK and that was the reason I got into these troubles... If I am living alone then I think I can control my financial situation but I couldn't afford to move out from my family because I only have a quarter of my earning each month (which is like £400). I try to save every penny I am having and just would like to start my life again :/ I seriously don't know what I should do T^T
  2. I didn't give any new address after I removed from UK and all telephone contact, including landline or mobile has been cut already. I knew they kept calling because there's over 100 messages left on the mobile. There are 2 emails I received - one is from a debt collector agency saying they gave my case to another debt collector agency. Another one is from the new debt collector agency which gives me a link saying "if you would like to reduce the debt now, click here" Of course, I didn't click any link from those emails. So I assumed they are from PDL. I don't think I will return to UK in next at least 10 years time. Thank you very much for your advice. Thank you very much for your advice. Actually I almost forgot the mess I left in UK until I received an email from the debt collection last Friday. As I tried very hard to build my life again in these 2 years and I just noticed this nightmare is back. I am really worrying that the HSBC UK will find out I have a local HSBC account and my family will be threaten by the debt collector here.
  3. It was payday UK (as I remembered). About 2 years ago, they suddenly gave me a call and asked for details bla bla bla... 'How to get some money today' was in my brain at that moment.. I was being trapped within this mess. I don't think they can take any money out from my account anymore because it reached the limit of overdraft from HSBC (that's why I was in another trouble). I was too scary and didn't know what to do by that time so I left UK. The thing is... I am living abroad with no UK bank account at all. ( I couldn't access to my HSBC online bank after few months..) I seriously don't know what to do now.. . I am scared they will find me here as I don't want my family being disturbed.. At the same time, I wish there's a way to pay them back.. Arr.. just one more thing. .. I don't have the contact from payday uk with me anymore. ..I keep searching today online and try to find a solution of paying the debts back but couldn't find anything helpful.
  4. But how should I pay to HSBC in UK and recover the overdraft when I don't have a bank account in UK anymore? I know I am such an idiot with leaving the debt behind for so long and really would like to start my new life again without any debts... should I repay the payday loan as well? I knew they are the vampires... I am too scared if I have to pay over 4500% interest for every month (It's almost 24 months since my last payment to payday was made...)
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and really looking for some help with my issue with debt. I am a non-resident in UK and now return to my home in Asia have a debt owing in the UK (1500 pounds before interest added), one is payday 300 pounds (I repaid once but I did not have any money afterwards for repayment) and one is the bank HSBC 1200 pounds (overdraft). I left UK 2 years ago didn't have any telephone contact or address left. I only rented a place for living before. Even though they keep sending the email, I don't have a bank account or money for the repayment. However, about 4 days ago, I received another email saying there's a debt collector is going to follow my case. I actually disabled the email before I left as well. (it's a transfer service) I don't think I will return to UK but may visit UK as a tourist next year. I know I have to repay my debts but I really have no extra money in my pocket and no bank account in UK for transfer. Will I be in trouble or will the debt collect take action on me please? Thanks for your help. Oh also.. I have a HSBC account where I am living now too.. Will the HSBC in UK find out and get me here please?
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