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  1. cheers, So it looks like my only hope is the time order! Are these things often successful? Does it matter that the conditional sale agreement they have is not at all readable. As I said I don't recall signing it, the broker carloan4U rep implied I would have to sign it on the day I picked up the car as it needed to be done somewhere with CCL (Consumer Credit Licence) Wazz
  2. dx, I will be doing exactly that. It seems Moneybarn are totally disorganised! In their witness statement they said: "My financial CRISIS is permanent"...it isn't, I'm a temp worker!, they said I took delivery of the vehicle...I didn't, I picked it up, & their copy of the Conditional Sale Agreement (which I don't even recall signing) isn't even legible. Its all faded and don't see how its fit to be presented in a court setting! Not to mention, if my suspicions are correct Re: GPS/Tracker....Surely that would invalidate any agreement because I wasn't told at the point of sale!
  3. ty ashmk, Yeh I speculated it would be behind the dash or under the steering wheel so ganna take it to a Vauxhall techy before the hearing. (Hearing is on wednesday) Wazz
  4. Hi dx, Yes I completed form N9C and also wrote a freehand paragraph about my circumstances, I quoted the Consumer Credit Act 1974 requesting a time order etc. It came with the pack they sent me that seems to be riddled with errors! Thanks - wazz
  5. TY4reply's I've paid less than a third so I knew I had to move it.
  6. Hi, first time poster here. Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!! I financed a car through moneybarn via Carloan4U. Unfortunately I lost my job and two direct debits were returned, I contacted these pirates at Moneybarn and they pretty much stone walled me. I know I'm at fault here but I have a hearing coming up at combined court next week after requesting a temporary time order until I fix my employment situation. I took the car off the road when they said they were gonna repossess and parked it in the garage of my friends empty/unletted house (hes in prope
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