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  1. No ppi, no late fees (always paid) and always sent a statement. think im clutching at straws tbh. but shocking how these people can take advantage...
  2. Yeah think so, It all seems correct to be honest - just think the oringonal loans was reckless and they are asking too much...
  3. Hi, Im not sure this is in the correct category - please be kind i've not written on here before. In July 2007 my husnad and I took out a secured loan on our home - which we couldn't afford but needed and there wasn't enough equity in our house so now in hindsight we dont think this was responsible lending. We have asked for a settlement quote and on an origonal loan of £29,000 after paying £24,000 already we still owe according to the company £23419.... scandalous. We have written to the company and complained about this and they have as a good will gesture told us they will waiver our accrued interest charge and admin fee if we did decide to settle. They also stated because our origonal lenders went bankrupt and they bought the loan (prope for 10p in the £) they cannot comment on wether it was a responsible loan or not. Is it worth taking this further or shall we just cut our loses (get an unsecured loan - our credit is now good) any advice on this would be gratefully recieved. Thank you
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