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  1. Write back and demand the popla code. N Martin is lying. He doesn't know the site or the issuer. N Martin doesn't even exist!!!! Oh and anpr won't take you to court
  2. Erm you logged a defence , what was in that I would suggest you purchase this:
  3. Of course the hotel have contracted parking eye. Go back to them and kick up a fuss. Yes you will get to select your court and yes you will need to attend
  4. Your not happy you have Been given the correct advice hmmmm. You oobviously are not getting what you are being told. What would u like to be told?. It's obviously you think you know better. So why come here ?
  5. Forget what this new company are asking for they can ask for and make their own rules. You are under no legal obligation to provide it
  6. There is no legal ground for this company asking for this information Dcas hve no powers _ legal ground. Don't get wrapped up in "legal ground"
  7. Sabby I think you will find they will have no interest in taking you to court. Now I suggest you take the advice u have been given
  8. DX has already advised this company have no power. they can ask for what they like. You on the other hand can just refuse ut. You are giving this company far to much credit They can't take you to court.
  9. Err no i dont mis understand at all. If you dont wish to repay then you dont have to. No matter what this company say So stop thinking that this company can tell you what to do, i told SLC to go do one years ago and if they had issue then to issue a CCJ, my initial loan was in in 1996.
  10. as its the old style you have no worries at all. I have never paid a penny of mine bk and never deferred
  11. exactly. bet people still go ahead and pay....
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