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  1. Finally solved the problem, Was needing Windows installing under UEFI. Installed Windows through USB with UEFI activated and the install and drivers all worked. George
  2. Have been thinking the same myself the last few days I been messing with it. Tried to make a UEFI usb boot install stick but just comes up with no bootable devices all the time, will have a further look into it. Thanks George
  3. Not my laptop is a friends who decided to remove all partitions and install windows and couldn't do it. It has the UEFI bios but no bootable device when activated so in legacy at moment. Acer V3-112P-C4S1 Intel Celeron N2840 / Intel HD Graphics / 2GB DDR3 / 500GB HD Windows 8.1 installed and was missing 5 drivers and drivers from web site won't install at all, Managed to get some installed with driver pack solutions Did a dual boot with windows 10 preview which seems to run a lot better and even installed the wifi. Have windows 8 running but the wifi driver is a real pain, nothing I have tried will install just freezes the laptop up. Thanks for the reply, any help you could offer will be gratefully received. George
  4. Well this is a first for me, have been installing windows for years but this laptop has got me so frustrated now. Friend brought this to me after he thought he was clever completely blanking the hard drive and all partitions, Using a USB drive I managed to get windows 8.1 installed but none of the drivers from Acer will install just freeze up the machine. After 4 days I am pulling my hair out now (if I had any) but finally got most things installed but no wifi, no matter what driver I try it just freezes the machine up and have to hard boot it with power button. Has anyone got one of these laptops that could upload the recovery image with the correct drivers? George
  5. Problem with Samsung phones and flashing a custom Rom is you will break Knox security and invalidate your warranty. A Custom Rom would solve this for you though. Alternatively have you thought about moving from EE, Call them ask for PAC code and when they ask explain why, Say you will stay with them but you will require a new phone without the spyware. The worst they can do is trash your credit file, Get a letter of complaint in to the CEO expressing your problem and what you want them to do then if they try any legal action like court you have it all documented. George
  6. Everyone needs to refuse to use this system at all and only use the normal paper and pen signing. Signed on today myself and the electronic signing came up, I had a FOI request printed out stating its not mandatory I would prefer to sign on normally with pen and paper, Even got a manager over to speak to me. I quoted to him I was concerned over security and if my signature could be copied off the system and put onto another document that I haven't agreed to, he quoted " this is the government they would never do anything like that" , I really really wanted to laugh but held it in. I even quoted the A4E fraud to him, he wasn't too happy at that and tried to pass it off. Best bit was after signing the genuinely nice lady I was signing with actually told me that the electronic pads have lost people jobs, People have been taking early redundancy since they came in. If enough people don't use the system then it could at least save some jobs and yet show another waste of money the gov have spent on crap without thinking it through rather than penny pinching. George
  7. If you want to leave vodafone and keep the same number call them and ask for a PAC code, they must give you the PAC code even if your still in contract. Take that code to another service provider. I would suggest you get a few PAYG sims from different networks to try out the signal you receive where needed before committing your PAC number over. George
  8. A formal complaint may help explaining the deal you signed up to with the offers included persuaded you in choosing them over any other company and you classed the offers as part of the deal which they have now breached by not providing. Either provide the offers or cancel the contract due to their breach. Personally: I would Shop around and change provider if no luck with your formal complaint, Get new services installed and cancel Sky. I'm in a similar situation, Ordered Sky through Quidco which stated a payment of £120 estimated in January 2015, that now keeps changing to July then to April then to May and back to July. I think Quidco change these dates to entice customers in and then change dates to correct payout dates. George
  9. My god I want your time machine grab the lottery results for next week, Last payment 2018? Should that be 2008. 1: Template no foundation, They wish 2: Maybe a complaint to the FOS, ignorring your staue barred notice. Sure others with more experience will be along to advise against these bottom feeders. George
  10. 1: Don't use your rent money to pay these rats, You need somewhere to live. Your rent is more important than the bailiff. 2: Remove anything of value outside, Move your car a good 10 minutes away, Not ideal when you have kids but away from the rats who will just threaten to take it away if its not worth enough to cover the amount. 3: Never let them in, no matter what they threaten, Bailiffs do lie and says things to scare you into getting what they want which is money off you 4: Letter of complaint to council regarding payment plan since bailiff co won't accept what you can afford and sounds like they may have ignored you for unjust enrichment for the company as you sent in what they requested which was ignored and allowed them to next stage fees when visiting you. Chances are if bailiff can't levy on anything the account will be sent back to the council where you can make arrangements to pay or just pay them what you can afford each week. Priority Bills: Rent,CTax,Gas/Electric,Shopping, anything else is none priority and just £1 each George
  11. If you don't watch live tv then you don't need a licence. Unplug the lead for the live broadcast and you have done nothing wrong. George
  12. Could be Virgin Media finally getting their act together. Had similar success myself last week, Lowered my package after the price increase letter and just kept the broadband 100mb for £23.50, was billed twice at £33.50 and £5.00 for none dd and £10 for late payment. After over an hour on the phone to some guy at customer services who tried to work out the overpayment I received a call next day and everything was sorted out, even took off £15 for the none dd and late payment. New bill just arrived and its finally correct even showing my £10 loyalty discount. George
  13. That is quite large amount in costs for maybe one hours work, £55.00 x 484 = £26,620, No wonder they just rubber stamp these orders. George
  14. Parking charge now cancelled by Smart Parking, Friend is very happy. Not sure how much it costs Smart Parking to issue the POPLA code but it cost them for it and they received nothing. George
  15. At least you bought a monitor the correct way, Online. DSR regulations covered you for this and overclockers are breaching it with this no refund on delivery. A quick email to trading standards over their delivery practice could be in order. For change of mind they would be correct but for faulty items, full refund including postage. Off my bookmarks now, Shame on you Overclockers. George
  16. Sony sound forge is good for this, Load up the large track and cut into separate tracks ready for any cd burning app. George
  17. Hi Craig, Your work coach is wrong and trying it on to make his job easier to possibly Sanction you. You do not have to allow anyone to view your UJM account at all only verify that you have an account. You do not have to print out any screen shots from UJM Have a look here: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/jobsearch_evidence_2 I have no problem with my adviser accepting an excel file that I created myself and print out, Have enclosed a sample that your welcome to edit and use yourself. George http://www.marshall-hosting.co.uk/jcp/sample%20job%20search.xlsx
  18. 1: Open an EBay dispute/Return - Item damaged 2: Since item is damaged its up to the seller to provide return postage From what you have written about the seller I have no doubt he will most likely refuse the return so you must then escalate the Bay claim where EBay will decided the outcome. Get some pictures ready to send to EBay of the damage. George
  19. Oops was a typo. Can now confirm: Contravention 20/11/2014 Date of parking charge notice is 04/12/2014 (Received on the 06/12/2014) George
  20. Many thanks for the quick reply and info. Can now confirm: Contravention 20/11/2014 Date of parking charge notice is 04/11/2014 (Received on the 06/11/2014) Will grab the forms and get them filled in. Many thanks George
  21. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55583[/ATTACH]Hi all, have been helping a friend of the wife's out with a parking ticket from smart parking. Original notice was for £30 but she only received the letter on the 16th day from the so called over stay, I think I have read correctly that they must write within 14 days. I will confirm the dates if needed, from the time of overstay to the day letter received. Sent an appeal in under those reasons or asking for POPLA code and they sent another notice this time for £70 and ignored the first letter sent via recorded delivery. Sent a 2nd appeal letter again via recorded delivery and this time they have provided the POPLA code. The actual car park is free and I am 100% sure when it first opened as a private parking the maximum stay was 2 hours, This has now been changed to 1.5 hours. The signs I have seen are small and where it stated 2 hours has now been changed to 1.5 hours, about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, if this even matters. Friend over stayed by 26 minutes while shopping at the various shops there. Could do with some help on next step and the POPLA appeal form on what to put down, I have read that the appeal should be arguing the genuine loss of earnings or something along those lines. Any help appreciated George P.S Have enclosed the latest letter as PDF
  22. Hi, I think if you don't owe more than £500 you can switch providers very easy now. Look at any of the suppliers and give them a call explaining you will switch to them but you want them to change your meters from prepaid to normal. Once BG get wind of you trying to change supplier I bet you they will change the meter fee of charge or you get a new supplier who will give you a normal meter/s. George
  23. Hi, Hope this is in the correct forum. Been a longer time member of Quidco and have made a few £ back from my purchases over the years. Looking to reduce our monthly outgoings I saw a nice offer from Sky on Quidco for Sky Digital TV with cash back estimated in January 2015. Got Sky installed, paid the first bill and checked my Quidco and the estimated payment has changed from 11-01-2015 to 24-04-2015, 4 months extra has been added to the estimated payment. I have queried this with Quidco and they have stated that Sky are currently only paying out after 4 months. The problem I see is that Quidco are still advertising Sky offers with Estimated payments in February 2015 when they know full well Sky are taking 4 months. Would this come under false advertising to entice customers up to these offers when they know full well the cash back dates are completely incorrect, even false. Regards George
  24. Hi, I recently took out a new contract with 02, Was a real nice deal. Nokia Lumia 1020 + Free Camera Kit and Headphones. After unlocking the phone through 02 I contacted them to cancel the airtime contract and pay off the phone plan £144, all this within the 14 days cooling off period. When I spoke to 02 on the phone she gave a 2nd option of receiving a final bill without paying anything there and then, final bill would be phone plan and pro ratio airtime plan. (I have this recorded on my phone - Call Recorder) Now the problems started, 02 issue a bill for £260.84 for the airtime and £144 for the phone plan and 02 chat said its nothing to worry about, I had asked a final bill to be sent to me through the royal mail so I can go pay at the bank. Saturday 27th December received 2 letters from 02 but not my bills but default notices both dated 21st December with a remedy date of 5th January 2015. They both say I must the the amount owing within 14 days of receiving this notice, no later than 5th January 2015. Since I only received them on the 27th that only gives me 9 days where I should have at least 14 days. Am I right in thinking these are invalid default notices? I hopefully will get this sorted out by the 5th Jan but just wanted to know how I stand on these so called default notices. Regards George
  25. How did you pay? If debit/credit card time to contact your bank and ask for a charge back, Just explain not answering phones or emails and no goods and you should get your money back. George
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