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  1. HI, Its 10th January 2007 at our local court! It states that its a Notification of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing), so I assume I have to attend.....
  2. Hi As far as ERC's for Cars are concerned, can we claim those back too? We have changed our car a few times over the years & have paid a 'penalty' when we have purchased a new one (my hubby works for a car firm, so we get discount). The penalty being an amount of money for bringing the 'contract' to an end early... I am confused with legal terms & what we can do (or can't so we are told!!) & the legal system really confuses me! Thanks from a very confused & brain dead Saints!!
  3. Hi, We have had our morgage with C&G for years.... Whenever our current morgage 'discount' came to an end, we would take out a new plan, to take advantage of the schemes that were in play at the time. As we are still with our current morgage company, would it be wise to tackle them now to get back our ERC's for previous morgages? There have been a few over the years, & I am worried that if we take them on for previous 'penalties' that we may jeapardise our home? Thanks
  4. Thanks Bean, I emailed them & got a reply this morning. They cannot change the amount once the claim has been submitted, BUT, as I was quick of the mark, they will cancel my claim & send a refund, & I have now re-done the claim with the correct amount! Claim Ref: 6QZ65430
  5. Ok, well after chasing lloyds for what seems an eternity, they are still refusing to pay up the £80.00 they owe me, so today i filed a MCOL against them. Major BOOB though!!!! I entered the amount claimed as £80.00, said I wanted to claim interest in the particulars of claim but FORGOT to add it at the end, which should have made it £94.00 plus the court fee!!!!!! DARN Claim Number: 6QZ65077
  6. Well yesterday (Saturday) I received a full offer in the post.... I have accepted! Funnily enough they keep putting in the line 'If you accept I will apply the funds to your accout'. I have told them every time, that the money is to be paid by Personal cheque only & this is a condition of acceptance. Lets see what they do !! saints
  7. Well, filed the MCOL on hubbys account today & will email IF the claim number... lets see how that goes! Will send the letter to the information commissioner first thing i the morning.... have been a bit poorly the last few days, so not had a chance to get it done.... but I Will
  8. Hi All, Checked my account (albeit the FD one!!) & DG have sent the money there, without telling me!! I phoned FD yesterday eveneing & asked them to transfer the funds to an account of my choice, which they said they have done!:-| Roll on Thursday when they should hit my new account! Once that happens, a donations is on its way! Thanks everyone!!! One down... many to go!
  9. Hi all, Well, today I received a 'Notice of Defence that amount Claimed has been paid' from the courts that DG Solicitors sent to them. I am fuming!!! I have not been told by DG that the funds have been paid to me, neither have I received a cheque! In my correspondance to them regarding the partial offer & all my letters to FD I stated that 'Any monies paid to me are to be by bank transfer to an account of my choice, Nationwide (& I supplied the details) or by personal cheque.' Today I check my FD account and they have sent the money there without informing me!!! I had a b
  10. Thanks for that... I'm having a senior moment... I couldn't find anything in FAQ before, so I thought i'd ask the experts They have replied to hubbys account, and sent statements etc. They have until 01/09/06 when the LBA expires, then its Moneyclaim. I have sent repeated reminders to them, so far they have had 71 days to comply!, so it's off to the information comissioner!! Saints
  11. Hi, Yes, do keep on at them... regardless of the letters they sent me, I was determined to keep at them, and it has paid off! (although I havent received the cash YET)! I think the 'normal' overdraft 'arrangement' fee is £15.00 per annum. The £30.00 you are being charged is for exceeding the OD limit Saints
  12. Well, whilst away I did receive a partial offer of £250.00 which I have accepted as a 'partial' payment only. Still waiting to hear their response..... !
  13. Hi All, I'm stuck here now.... I have sent IF 2 DSAR requests & 2 non compliance letters, but still have NOT received anything from them for my account, only my hubbys....... what do I do next? Had a quick look in FAQ but can't see where to go now. Any help please Saints
  14. Welllllll.............. whilst I was away a 'partial' settlement had come in, so luckily I had left a draft signed letter (incase they sent the partial offer) at home which my daughter then faxed to them rejecting. 24hrs later I received a FULL offer!!! Still not received the money yet, but will keep you all posted! Once received a donation will be winging its way to you!! At last, this is ONE that is over!!! Saints
  15. ok, well we had a response for my hubbys account after sending a noncompliance letter to them, but as of yet I STILL have not received my statements from them! I have sent them a non compliance letter & thir time is now well & truly up.what is the next stage after this if they do not comply? I have had a 'quick' look in FAQ's but I can't see what I do next. Can anyone help? Saints
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