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  1. Hi, Thanks both. The lender is Santander. They have never written to me direct about this matter, even after the court hearing. I am planning to ring Eversheds on Monday to make a final offer to settle without a court hearing but wanted to be armed with as much info before doing so. the sum is quite small - about £20 a month - so I'm sure it is related to interest on the arrears. That's about £300 or so since the last hearing in total. The total arrears by the time we get to court will be approx. £1k so it could be significant to get this amount disregarded (or rather subject to a separate agreement)
  2. Hello everyone, I am defending an eviction due on 2 August and am currently completing the n244 form - I'm happy with what I need to do on that, my question is on the arrears total used by the lender. I know they cannot add charges to this total, can they add additional interest on those charges? After my last hearing, the lenders agent (Eversheds) sent me a letter setting out my monthly payment which comprised a total of 1) the contractual monthly payment, 2) the contribution to arrears and 3) additional interest (not specified what that referred to, I assume interest on charges). Are they allowed to do this? many thanks for any advice.
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