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  1. I was kind of hoping for a pointer regards the whole situation as opposed to the one point. My main concern is over the way I was moved from verbal warning to final written warning over an incident that had no witnesses whatsoever. Essentially that placed me at the edge of the cliff when last weeks incident pushed me over. Last weeks incident on reflection I have no argument about. I have already admitted to driving without any hands on the wheel - a breach albeit the risk was minimal but a breach nevertheless.
  2. Despite the vehicle travelling at less than a slow walking pace in a straight line with no obstructions within at least 4 metres of the FLT? I would expect it would be more difficult to prove the vehicle was out of control. Remember the shift supervisor who witnessed this saw it as no more than a fly in my ear which was accepted.
  3. Thanks for the reply raydetinu. I am not a member of the union however I have taken lots of advice and used the union rep as an independent witness at all stages. His advice at the last stage was to with hold any appeal and look to move on keeping my nose clean. In hindsight this was probably the wrong thing to do as I find myself in the current situation. This comes down to my word against the H&S reps and they believed him. No witnesses, no signed statements nothing to back up either side of the story. I think I would have a strong case but was having never been in
  4. Hi hope someone can help as I have a big problem going on with my employer (possibly former employer very soon). I was dismissed from my workplace of almost 3 years yesterday at a disciplinary hearing. To give you an idea of the entire story I will list the events as they happened. Employed for 3 years and have never missed a single shift. There are few people more flexible in accepting short term changes to rotas and I was promoted to a more challenging role last year after being asked to apply based on my performance over the previous two years. It all started when I
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