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  1. Hi Tom, Good news it seems - the court in Leeds have just yesterday confirmed that there is no need to attend next week. They've vacated the case since my friend has agreed to pay monthly instalments. I guess the HCEO lost out this time... Thanks for your help today.
  2. Hello, He has received two hand delivered letters from the HCEO. Letter 1 is dated the 30th April 2014 and is a 'Notice of enforcement' showing the claim number from Northampton, the debt owed to the claimant and a 'compliance stage fee' of £90.00 added by the HCEO. Letter 2 is dated the 10th May 2014 and is a 'Notice after entry or taking control of goods' letter, again showing various details. It shows the £90.00 from above PLUS it shows an 'enforcement stage fee' of £835 on top now too. It says he must agree payment or pay by the 3rd of May (7 days in the past!) and then goes on to list the actions the HCEO can take including taking belongings etc and adding more costs. Couple of things have caught my attention: - The dates don't add up. Letter 2 is dated 10th of May and yet demands he make payment by the 3rd of May. Is this right? What's going on with the dates? - Letter 2 is a notice about taking control after entry. They have never entered his property - he's never seen them: instead he's at work when they leave notes through his door. Any thoughts? Thanks again.
  3. Hello, Thanks for the note. He's a fair payer and has never denied owing the money so he will pay it. He's more concerned with knowing what will happen with the £900 of costs the HCEO applied for making 2 visits and doing admin. Can anyone advise please?
  4. Hello - and thanks for the reply. The stay was granted based on the fact that he never received the original notice about the case going to Northampton. He found out afterwards - but obviously he wasn't there to defend himself so judgement was awarded to the claimant by default. Sneaky but I imagine not the first time it's happened...!
  5. Hello there, Posting for advice for a friend please. He was in debt to a veterinary surgeon he owed money to. There was emergency treatment needed to an animal so there was no contract in place as the appointment was arranged in haste. Key facts (I'll summarise to keep it short): - Vet was called to an animal emergency and the bill was quite a lot more than he expected - He asked to pay the bill in instalments (quarters) and the vet refused - Some to'ing and fro'ing occurred and then the debt was passed to a HCEO - The HCEO put the case through Northampton County Court and got a judgement against my friend - The HCEO turned up at his house threatening to take money. My friend contacted the court where the case was filed and managed to get a Stay of Execution. This paused the HCEO actions and stopped them turning up at his house. - Since then he filed an N245 to Northampton for suspension of warrant and variation order. This was granted and he has an order to pay in monthly installments now. In essence there are two issues here: 1. The Northampton warrant - this has been suspended now and he has been told to pay the claimant monthly. He's fine with this and has already started making payments. This issue is now under control. 2. The local warrant (issued in Leeds) for the enforcement action is the issue. He has to go to court next week in Leeds for the outcome of this. My question is: If the original case / debt has been subject to a variation order then is the second case (an enforcement case based on the original debt) still valid? Or what happens now? The N245 was granted so he is happy paying the debt (approx £600) but the HCEO added costs of around £900. What about these now? Are they still to pay? Or what? Many thanks for any help.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of help. My employer has asked me to work one day a week from a different site that I usually work at. The site is 200 miles from my home and takes approx 5 hours to reach (based on traffic for the time I need to get there) and 5 hours back home obviously. Once on site I need to work about 5 hours. This is scheduled to occur for 16 weeks. My contract states that I am required to travel to other sites from time to time. I am compensated for travelling there in my own vehicle (fuel costs, about 30p per mile). I say this is too much on one day. My employer has suggested I could travel to site the evening before to save too much driving, I say this affects my non-work commitments every week. I personally believe: - 10 hours travelling for 5 hours work is excessive - it could be a contravention of my contractual terms (it isn't time to time, it's 4 months) - My personal time would be affected and I have obligations to meet outside work that this would affect Does anyone have any thoughts on this from a legal point of view? Thanks
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