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  1. Hi, I am new to this site and I wanted some advice on how to go about an issue. I have just looked at some few threads and seen some similar situations. My wife and I leave in our flat and occasionally/rarely previous occupants letters do come to our address. I did speak to our Landlady regards to what to do with the letters of previous tenants and we were advised to bin them as they were probably junk letters. Recently we decided to open one of the letters as we wanted to be sure our address was not used by some other person as a couple of letters had come in for a particular name(If it was a previous tenant/occupant,I am not sure). The letter stated it was a distress warrant to visit and collect a sum of £395 from our address. We dont know how that may have come about as we do not have any knowldge of who the person is. I have read different threads/suggestions to show a form of ID with a council tax or utility bill when they arrive at our flat but some others have advised not to do so as my information may be taking and then the warrant may be sent in my name(is that possible?) or they may not listen to me but still want to collect the money or goods. What are our options? How would you suggest I go about this issue? I await your suggestions. Thanks
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