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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses to this, it seems that my only option is to wait & see if the package is returned to Japan. Then try & negotiate with the sender to have it shipped back again. Crazy. I can understand that Parcelforce don't want to get involved if customers dispute the amount of VAT, etc charges. But if the error lies in the fact that there shouldn't have been any charges in the first place, and the customer can prove it, why not allow them some means to do this? Simples. The address labels used by the sender are CN23 triplicate ones for goods, the value is typed
  2. Hi, I've got a problem with the delivery for an eBay item I purchased from Japan, and hope someone can provide some helpful advice. I received a letter from Parcelforce saying the package was subject to Import VAT of £14.08 plus a Clearance Fee of £13.50. My problem is that these charges are wrong, not incorrect, but wrong. The sender uses a tracked mailing service, and the address label on their packages ( I have bought similar items from them before) shows the value of the contents. My guess is that someone has misread the value, which is typed not handwritten, hence
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